Complaints Management and Resolution

Resolving Complaints at UWS

There are three complaint resolution avenues available:

  • Direct Informal - where the complainant takes their complaint up directly with the respondent
  • Formal Internal - where the complaint is lodged with and investigated by the University
  • Formal External - where the complaint is lodged and investigated by an external organisation.

If you are unhappy with a decision that has been made or the way someone has behaved, you should open discussion directly with the person concerned wherever possible. If you are not comfortable doing that, you can approach their supervisor or a member of staff you trust for advice.

After the processes relevant to your complaint have been finalised, you can approach the Complaints Resolution Unit if you are still dissatisfied. You are also able to take your complaint to an external agency at any time; however we would appreciate the opportunity to resolve the matter first.

Complaints Resolution Process and Policy

The UWS Complaint Handling and Resolution Policy explains how the University of Western Sydney deals with all types of complaints from staff, students and the public. It covers complaints about unfair and/or disrespectful actions or decisions, as well as complaints about bullying, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, vilification and victimisation.

In addition to the policy, links to legislation, UWS policy, procedures and guidelines and other electronic publications are available under Associated Documents. At this location a number of attachments are provided to assist and guide individuals through the process including:

  • flowcharts that map out the complaints resolution process
  • checklists that can be used to step through each of the complaint resolution avenues.

Contact the Complaints Resolution Unit

Staff within the Complaints Resolution Unit are happy to advise you in relation to your rights to bring your complaint forward for resolution.