Mission, Goals and Strategic Plan

UWS aspires to be a place that brings positive change in the lives of its students and a source of creativity and new knowledge that is relevant, robust and contributes to individual and community development.

The University's place will be at the leading edge of knowledge, providing a contemporary education that builds successful lives and careers for our students and graduates, and conducting research that speaks to the development of urban and rural regions, the new economy, cultural life and professional development.

Our Mission

To be a university of international standing and outlook, achieving excellence through scholarship, teaching, learning, research and service to its regional, national and international communities, beginning with the people of Greater Western Sydney.

Our Vision

Bringing knowledge to life in Greater Western Sydney through community and business engagement with our learning and research.

What we Believe in

  • Bringing knowledge to life
  • The primacy of the student experience
  • Environmental and social sustainability
  • Opportunity and excellence
  • Contributing to our Region's strength and future
  • Valuing and rewarding achievement
  • A vibrant and inclusive intellectual community

Our Values

UWS has a shared and explicit set of values which underpin all that it does:

  • excellence and quality in all endeavours
  • scholarly rigour and integrity
  • equity of access and inclusiveness
  • collegiality and participatory decision-making
  • academic responsibility and freedom
  • relevance and responsibility to our communities
  • ethics and accountability

UWS Making the Difference: 2014 - 2016 Strategy

The UWS Making the Difference (MTD) is a 'strategy on a page' and represents the cornerstone of the University's strategic planning process. It was revised in 2013 to reflect the changing higher education environment and in December 2013 the Board of Trustees endorsed the UWS Making the Difference: 2014-2016 Strategy (PDF, 37.88 KB).(opens in a new window)

Key Focus Areas

  1. Position for success in the higher education environment
  2. Create a superior and engaged learning experience
  3. Develop focused, relevant and world-class engaged research
  4. Develop mutually beneficial engagement partnerships
  5. Build organisational capacity

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  1. Widening participation
  2. Student retention
  3. Research outcomes
  4. International students
  5. Postgraduate load
  6. Student satisfaction

The KPIs align with the University's mission and key strategic directions and objections as outlined in the Making the Difference strategy.

"Latest Vice-Chancellor's End of Year Report to the Board of Trustees"

At the 3 December 2014 Board of Trustees meeting the Vice-Chancellor presented the end of year report. The report is available below: