GradLife and Alumni Benefits

GradLife Card UWS Alumni provides a large range of GradLife and Alumni Benefits to graduates of The University of Western Sydney (UWS). These benefits are available to GradLife Members. UWS GradLife Membership is free and open to all graduates of UWS. To become a UWS GradLife Member you need to update your details online and ensure that you select "I am a new UWS Alumni Member" and tick "yes" in the field directly relating to UWS GradLife Membership.

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Activating your membership

Once you have received your membership card and confirmation email your GradLife membership is automatically activated. You can begin accessing benefits and special offers straight away! Find out more on the GradLife Benefits below.

Make sure you keep your alumni contact information up to date. Please advise us us if you have changed address or are using a new email by updating your details online

GradLife and Alumni Benefits