What is the UWS Alumni Association?

graduateThe UWS Alumni Association is in place to provide all graduates from The University of Western Sydney (UWS) ongoing involvement in the UWS Community. As a graduate from UWS and its preceding institutions, you are automatically listed as an Alumnus from UWS.




What are the benefits of being a part of the UWS Alumni Association?

5 GraduatesBeing a UWS Alumnus provides you with an opportunity to remain engaged with UWS, with information on further education opportunities and the research focus of the university.

It also provides you with opportunities for volunteering, career, and professional related networking events, as well as access to school and faculties forums and seminars.


GradLife Membership

GradLife Card

The UWS Alumni Association provides a large range of GradLife and Alumni Benefits to graduates of UWS.

UWS GradLife Membership is free and open to all graduates of UWS. To activate your card, need to update your details online and ensure that you tick "yes" in the field directly relating to UWS GradLife Membership.

Some benefits include:

  • Subscription to the bi-annual GradLife Magazine
  • Discounted access to UWS Library
  • Free access to CareerHub and Going Global

and much more. To find out all the benefits, visit the GradLife Membership benefits page online now.


Didn't get your card? Request a GradLife card now.

Where are our Alumni now?

For more information, visit the Alumni FAQ's page.

For all other alumni related enquiries, please contact the UWS Alumni Relations Unit.