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Education for Sustainability (EfS)

Education for Sustainability is a lifelong learning process that leads to an informed and involved citizenry having the creative problem-solving skills, scientific and social literacy, and commitment to engage in responsible individual and cooperative actions. These actions will help ensure an environmentally sound and economically prosperous future.

Student and Education Projects


While the university gives particular emphasis to sustainability in the curriculum at a unit, sub major and major level; we also gives focus to embedding sustainability in a range of transitional and teacher educator programs. The ALTC award winning UniStep Academic Literacy program run by the Learning and Teaching Unit uses sustainability readings each year to prepare approximately 300 students for university life. UniStep's Sustainability Group recently won the VC's Excellence award for excellence in University Sustainability.

Also, as the key areas of research focus at indicate, there are many opportunities for research students to explore these issues. For more information, please see the Research Success website.

Social Engagement and Leadership Program (SELP)

SELP is a fantastic social engagement and leadership program open to students, giving you a chance to build skills that will help jump start your global career. The program involves an orientation session will introduce you to what you will be doing over the five week program, as well as giving you the opportunity to meet with class colleagues from around the world.

For more information, visit the SELP website for workshop and program details.

Australian Learning and Teaching Council Turnaround Leadership for Sustainability in Higher Education project

The university is the lead institution in an international study of successful leaders of Education for Sustainability (EfS). Read more about the ALTC Turnaround Leadership for EfS project .

The study which is the focus of this report recognises that universities and colleges giving consistent and productive focus to the four pillars of social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability in their teaching, research, engagement activities and operations will not just happen but must be led, and deftly; and it is this issue of effective approaches to 'Turnaround Leadership for Sustainability in Higher Education' that the study addresses.