Transport and accessibility

We are committed to providing a range of access options for the UWS community. For detailed information about your campus please visit the Getting to uni webpage.

Private transport
Public transport

Private transport

Drive and park

Many students and staff choose to drive to UWS. If you want to park on a UWS campus be sure to have the correct parking permit to avoid being fined.

Find out more about parking at UWS.


Cycling is a quick, healthy and cheap way to get to campus. If you want to know where to park your bike on campus you can visit the bike facilities on campus page.

Public transport

Transport Access Guides

Transport Access Guides (TAGs) are available for every UWS campus. TAGs have a detailed campus map with transport indicators such as train stations, bus stops and walking paths and times.

Visit the Getting to uni page to download the TAG for your campus.

Campus shuttles

Shuttle bus services are provided for free on the Bankstown, Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, Parramatta and Penrith campuses. The shuttle buses provide short trips to the nearest train station or around campus where bus services are infrequent or do not exist.

Find out the location of your campus shuttle bus service with the shuttle tracker.(opens in a new window)

Car pooling

If you have to drive to campus, car pooling is the way to go – it’s a great way to reduce your costs and contribute to improving the environment. Have a chat to your class mates or colleagues to find out who you can car pool with. You might not be able to share a ride everyday of the week, but even one day each week makes a difference.

For information or to join up, please visit the Western Sydney Carpool(opens in a new window) website.

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UWS has a responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to its campuses, facilities and resources. Accessible pathways are indicated on each campus map.
You can contact the UWS Disability Service for detailed information about accessibility at UWS or to register for assistance.

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