Cycling at UWS

Bike facilities on campus

UWS is continuing to update its cycling facilities on all campuses. Bike parking locations are marked on each of the campus maps.

Bike parking and shower locations for each campus are listed below:

Campus Bicycle parking Showers

Building 3
Building 2
Building 9
Building 18

Building 18 - men's and women's bathrooms

Building 2
Building 19
Building 21/carpark P7
Building 27/carpark P27
Building 30
Student residences

Building 30, level 1
UWS Connect Gym (Building 27)*

Building G1 (opposite  car park P17)**
Building G6**
Building K7**
Building K12**
Building K14**
Building K28/carpark P34**
Building L9**
Building M8**
Building R5**
Building S8/carpark P27

Stable Square (Building K4) - men's and women's change rooms and showers
Building C27, room 3
UWS Connect Gym (Building K27)*
Nirimba (Blacktown)

Building C21
Building U2/carpark P35
Building U22/carpark P30

Parramatta Building EN Riverside Bar

Parramatta South
Building EA, lower ground level (see Building EA security to access facility)
Building ED (see Building EA security to access facility)
Building EF
Building LZ level 1 - men's bathroom
Parramatta North
Men's bathrooms in LZ.G.64
Women's bathrooms in LZ.G.34             

Penrith Kingswood
Building P**
Building C**
Student Residences
Building U ground floor bathrooms
UWS Connect Gym* (Building L)
Accessible toilet, Building L
Building Y, level 3, male and female bathrooms
Werrington South
Building BB**
Building BX**
Ward Library             
Werrington South
Building BJ, lower ground floor (under repair)
Building BD near Gym
Werrington North
Building AD lower ground entrance**

Werrington North
Building AD, lower ground floor

Westmead   IELTS Building
5 men's and 5 women's showers

 * use requires gym membership or a fee.
 ** may damage bicycles with narrow wheels