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  • Your mobile phone and all other electronic devices must be turned off in all exams including, vibrations, message alerts and alarms that may be triggered when the phone is off. The mobile phone or device must be removed from your bag before you enter an exam room and it must be placed face up on your desk, visible to the exam supervisor at all times. The use of mobile phones or electronic devices during exams is a serious breach of exam rules and will be reported as a case of misconduct. You may be fined $150 if your mobile phone or electronic device is found to be on. This rule applies to School run supplementary and intra-session exams as well as formal end of session exams.
  • You need to check the exam location in your exam timetable carefully as your exam may not be held on your campus of study.
  • Parking at exams: parking on Parramatta South Campus is limited. Additional parking is available at Parramatta North. Works at some campuses including Penrith may impact on the availability of parking spaces. Please make sure you leave enough time before your exam to allow for parking and getting to your exam

Exam periods 

The exam period runs for up to three weeks at the end of Autumn and Spring Sessions. Exams are also run for UWS Summer teaching sessions. Specific dates for final and deferred exams are advertised on the student dates page towards the end of each session. You need to be available to sit exams during the entire exam period, as work commitments, holidays or other social functions are not considered valid reasons for missing a final exam.

Exam session times

Exams usually start at 8.30am, 1.45pm and 5.30pm on weekdays and 8.30am and 1.45pm on Saturdays. Check your exam timetable carefully as some exams may be scheduled at a different time. Finishing times depend on the length of the exam. There are some mixed duration exams but exam supervisors will ensure that students are not disrupted if this occurs. Some exams may also be scheduled on campuses where the unit is not studied, so make sure you check your personalised exam timetable to know where your exams are scheduled.

Verbal exam timetable advice will not be disclosed over the phone or at Student Central (except for external students).

You can access your personalised exam timetable in PlatformWeb. Make sure you keep checking your student email and Platform Web timetable in case there is an exam venue change. It is your responsibility to check your Platform Web timetable the day before each exam in case there is a late exam venue change.

Exam attendance

Attendance lists will be taken at each exam location and you will be required to supply your student ID. This means you can only attend an exam at the time and location listed on your personalised timetable.

You should arrive at the exam venue at least 20 minutes before the start of your exam. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the beginning of your exam, you will not be allowed into the exam venue.

You must present a UWS student ID card for entry to the exam venue. If you forget/have lost your student ID you must purchase a temporary student ID from Student Central for $15 on the day of your exam.

UWSOnline and external students

All UWSOnline or external students who live within 200Km of a UWS campus, must attend the exams on campus.

If you live further than 200Km away from a UWS campus, other exam arrangements will be made for you.

What to do if you can't attend your exam

If you are unable to attend a final exam due to a serious illness, misadventure or other exceptional circumstance beyond your control you can apply for a deferred exam.

For more information about deferred exams please read the UWS Examination policy. Access to a deferred exam is a privilege and not an automatic right.

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