Important exam information

Your responsibilities at exam time

At exam time you must ensure you:

  1. Know where your exam is
  2. Are on time for your exam
  3. Present a valid UWS Student ID Card at the exam
  4. Check your UWS student email account regularly in the lead up to the exams
  5. Contact the Assessment Unit (02) 4736 0600 if you believe you have examinations and have not received advice of this within four weeks of the start of the examination period
  6. Comply with all exam conditions and directions by exam supervisors

Exam Timetable changes

While your exam timetable will generally remain the same, sometimes there are events beyond the control of the University that mean exam times and locations have to be changed. You must ensure that you check your timetable regularly up to the exam as times and locations may change. You should also check your email account to receive information about possible disruptions to exams in the lead up to, and during, the exam period.

What time do exams start?

Exams start at 8.30am, 1.45pm and 5.30pm*.

Deferred exams start at 8.30am, 1.45pm and 5.30pm*.

Check your exam timetable carefully as some exams may be scheduled at a different time or on campuses where the unit is not studied.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are present at examinations at the correct time and place. No additional time will be granted for time lost due to late arrival. The University will not provide special consideration in cases where the student has misread or misunderstood the examination timetable.

*Students with Academic Integration Plans may have other starting times.

Where can I find my exam timetable?

Your personalised exam timetable in PlatformWeb shows the location, date and time you have been allocated to sit your exams. You must ensure that you check your timetable regularly up to the exam as times and locations may change. It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that you are familiar with your examination timetable.

Verbal advice about your examination timetable will only be provided via telephone or at Student Centre for students who are enrolled externally and are sitting off-campus.

What if I go to the wrong campus by accident?

Unfortunately we won't be able to accommodate you if you don't follow your personalised timetable. If you are not on the exam attendance list, you will be directed to Student Central where you can check your exam timetable in PlatformWeb using the available computers. If you miss your exam because you went to the wrong exam venue, you will not be permitted to sit an alternative exam and you may fail your unit.

External exams

If you are enrolled in units externally that are to be examined either on or off campus you should review your exam timetable on Platform Web. If you are off campus you should also refer to the important exam and venue information that has been sent to your student email.

If you are sitting your exam externally you must ensure that you advise any changes to your address that occurs after the HECS census date directly to the Assessment and Graduation unit. To allow sufficient time for the arrangement of an appropriate examination venue you must advise Assessment and Graduation of your venue details at least 3 weeks prior to the exam timetable release. You must also follow standard university procedures for recording changes of address.

If any circumstances occur that mean that you cannot attend your exam venue, you must advise the Assessment and Graduation unit by the advertised timelines. The university will try to provide alternative arrangements where possible. Failure to advise the Assessment and Graduation unit as required may result in failing the unit; or being required to sit a deferred examination. If you have applied and been granted a deferred exam.

Do I need my student ID card?

You must present your valid UWS student ID card for entry to the exam venue. You will not be allowed to enter the exam venue without your valid UWS student ID card. If your UWS Student ID card has expired, you must go to Student Central to obtain a valid UWS student ID card. Replacement of an expired card does not incur a fee.

To obtain your temporary ID card, you must pay a fee of $15 and produce photo ID (e.g. driver license) so Student Central can confirm your identity and enrolment. Student Central do not accept payments, so an encumbrance will be placed on your record that will be removed once payment (via iPay) is made.

Please note that Student Central will be open from 8.00am on exam days.

You must leave your student ID card displayed on your desk for the duration of the exam.

What can I take into the exam venue?

You can take the following items into your exam venue:
  • Your own equipment and writing instruments such as calculators, pens, pencils, rulers and erasers. They will not be supplied. Writing materials should be contained only in a clear plastic bag or clear pencil case.
  • Other materials as specified on your exam paper. You can contact your Unit Coordinator for details of what materials will be specified on the exam paper. Please remember that if you bring anything that is not listed on the exam paper, it will be taken off you until the completion of your exam.
  • Purses or wallets. These items must be placed in your bag or placed on your desk visible to the exam supervisor at all times.
  • Mobile phones and electronic devices. Mobiles and electronic devices must be switched off including all alarms and message alerts and placed face up on your desk visible to the exam supervisor at all times. Electronic devices include, but are not limited to: iPods, iPads, tablets, PDAs, handheld computers or any other electronic device capable of communication.

    If you breach this requirement you will be fined $150 and an encumbrance will be placed on your record. Breaches of this rule may also be dealt with under the Misconduct Student Academic Misconduct Policy. Students should note that mobile phone and electronic device detectors will be used randomly at each campus.
  • Water in a clear container. You may not bring food unless it is specified in your Academic Integration Plan.

Please note bags will be stored in the exam venue as directed by the Exam Supervisors. Where there is no space available for bags within the exam venue, you will be directed to leave your bags outside the exam venue. In these instances UWS takes no responsibility for items left outside the exam venue.

Caps and hats including motorcycle and bicycle helmets cannot be worn into the exam. All items must be left in your bag or as directed by the exam supervisor.

If you have any special requirements you think that may breach these exam rules, you must contact the Assessment and Graduation Unit prior to the exam period for written permission.

Where can I leave my bag?

Bags will be stored in each exam venue as directed by the exam supervisors. If no space is available in the exam venue, you will be asked to leave your bag outside. If this is the case, it is important to note that UWS takes no responsibility for items left outside exam venues.

What can't I take into the exam venue?

You can't take the following items into your exam venue:

1. Textbooks or other reference material unless specified on the exam paper. You should speak to your Unit Coordinator to clarify permitted items for exams.

2. Rough working paper or notes of any kind including those written on rulers, erasers and calculator covers. 'Rough' work should be done on the reverse side of pages of the answer booklet.

3. Multi-media devices

4. Mobile phones or similar communication devices that are concealed, and / or found to be switched on in the examination venue.

Please note there will be an announcement at the beginning of each examination about unauthorised items, and you may surrender these items at that time without penalty.

What happens if my mobile phone or other electronic device is confiscated?

If your mobile phone or other communication device is confiscated it will be returned to you on presentation of your Student ID at the end of the exam.

An Incident report will be completed by the Exam Supervisor and if the breach is mobile phone or electronic device related you will be sent a fine. The Assessment and Graduation Manager will also consider whether further action will be taken under the Misconduct - Student Academic Misconduct Policy.

Please note, Mobile phone and electronic device detector spot checks will be conducted across exam venues during exams to identify electronic devices that are not powered off, including if you request a toilet break.

Arriving and starting my exam

You should arrive at the exam venue at least 20 minutes before the start of your exam. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the beginning of your exam, you will not be allowed into the exam venue.

You must comply with all directions given by the exam supervisor. This includes not speaking or communicating with another student.

Behaviour which disrupts an exam may result in your removal from the exam.

You are required to sit in the seat allocated to you by the exam supervisor.

Reading time

All exams include reading time in the total time allowed. No separate reading time will be allocated.

Reading the exam paper before you start answering questions allows you to:

  • compose yourself
  • read the examination paper
  • plan your answers

You should read the instructions and questions carefully before you begin writing.

You are allowed to begin writing straight away if you wish.

The exam supervisor will let you know of any changes to reading time allocations.

When can I leave the exam venue?

You will not be permitted to leave an exam venue during the first 30 minutes of writing time or the last 10 minutes unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Exam papers and answer booklets must not be removed from the exam venue.

Should misconduct or irregular practices be suspected by the exam supervisor an Alleged Academic Misconduct statement will be lodged. The incident may then be dealt with under the provisions of the Student Misconduct policy.

What do I do if I cannot attend my exam?

If you are unable to attend a final exam due to a serious illness, misadventure or other exceptional circumstance beyond your control you can apply for a deferred exam

For more information about deferred exams please read the UWS Examination policy and UWS Special Consideration policy. Access to a deferred exam is a privilege and not an automatic right.

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