Bridging programs for academic writing

Bridging programs for academic writing news

The Learning and Teaching Unit runs a range of free preparation programs to help all new and continuing students. These programs are called Bridging programs for academic writing and are run before the start of Autumn and Spring teaching sessions each year.

There are two types of bridging programs, UniStep academic literacy and Academic Preparation. Both develop skills in academic writing and assignment preparation. Each program varies in length, so you can choose a program that suits your needs.

They're great for all students and may be especially helpful if you're worrying about the academic expectations of university, if you've had a break from study and are feeling a bit rusty, or if you haven't studied in Australia before.

Students who have taken part in a bridging program say they're helpful, relevant and give you a head start.

What is UniStep academic literacy?

UniStep is an intensive program that develops essential literacy skills. These skills include essay writing at university, critical analysis, reflective writing, assignment preparation and education technology at UWS. You'll also get to practise these skills in a supportive environment, including writing an academic essay at university level and getting constructive feedback from tutors.

The program runs over several days. Make sure you're there every day as each session builds on topics covered in previous sessions. You will get a free comprehensive academic study skills workbook.

It's also a great way to meet other students in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Unistep is on offer from 6 February, in full-time (day), part-time (evening) and blended modes at select UWS campuses.

Want to know what the UniStep academic literacy course is like? Have a look at some of the things other students have said:

"The atmosphere was great! I loved it! I found everything helpful in some way!"

"The material supplied, group discussions and structure of the course were most helpful."

Have questions about UniStep? Send us an email at

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What is Academic Preparation (AcPrep)?

AcPrep is a short program, which is offered on Bankstown, Campbelltown, Parramatta and Penrith campuses. AcPrep programs in 2014 will run in mid to late February.

You'll get an introduction to what's expected of you at university in written assignments, including essay and report writing. We have tailored the content for university students and cover academic writing and study skills, presentations, team work, time management and career information.

You will get a free booklet called 'Reaching for Success'. The Hub for Academic Literacy and Learning (HALL) run AcPrep in conjunction with the Counselling Service and with input from Careers and Cooperative Education.

If you have registered for UniStep academic literacy, you will not need to attend AcPrep.

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What is International Academic Preparation (AcPrep)?

International AcPrep is a two day program designed especially for all new international students. It will prepare students for the learning methods they may come across at UWS and gives valuable information and practical experience of:

  • Australian academic culture
  • tutorial participation and working in groups
  • time and stress management
  • forms of assessment
  • assignment preparation
  • academic writing
  • plagiarism - what it is and how to avoid it
  • education technology preparation

You will receive a valuable resource booklet. The Learning and Teaching Unit runs this program in conjunction with UWS International and the Counselling Service.

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How do I apply?

You can register online for UniStep from 6 January.

You can register online for AcPrep and International AcPrep from 30 January.

For any questions email: