Workshops, programs and online resources

Pre-session workshops

Academic literacy workshops

Academic literacy workshops are short workshops (two-four hours, two-day, four-day or online) that run before and during session. The workshops will give an introduction to what's expected of you at university and develop essential literacy skills such as essay writing, critical analysis, referencing, note taking and assignment preparation.

For more information go to the Academic literacy workshops page.

During session workshops

Academic literacy and grammar workshops

Academic literacy workshops are short workshops (two-four hours, two-day, four-day or online) that run before and during session. The workshops will give an introduction to what's expected of you at university and develop essential literacy skills such as essay writing, critical analysis, referencing, note taking and assignment preparation. Grammar workshops focus on improving the accuracy of your sentences.

For more information go to the Academic literacy workshops page.

Skills workshops (coming soon)

Surviving uni: stress & time management

  • Strategies to control stress and better utilise your time.

If you think stress is controlling you rather than you controlling stress, then this workshop is for you. Or, if you just want to brush up on your time management skills. Feel in control of your studies and your life and acquire professional skills that are essential in any workplace.

How to register

For session details and to register go to the online workshop registration page (opens in a new window).

Online study resources

Library Study Smart

Library Study Smart is a newly expanded service designed to help you excel throughout the teaching session. Visit the Library Study Smart website and vUWS site for information about online learning and assignment help, as well as access to the YourTutor program and information about face to face advisors.

Returning to Learning online workshop

The Returning to Learning vUWS site is perfect for mature age students who have had a break from education. The site allows you to go at your own pace and helps you understand the University environment, identify ways of maintaining balance, gives you tips for a successful start to your study and introduce you to the University's online systems and E-Learning environment.

When can I use the site?
The online site is available all year and you can access it any time.

YourTutor online academic skills support

Studying at University is personal experience, unique to you. That's why we're piloting YourTutor, a SSAF funded service which gives you access to after-hours online subject and assignment help. Subject support is offered for core subjects including English, maths, science, business, engineering fundamentals and economics. Assignment support is offered for all subjects.

For more information, go to the YourTutor webpage.

Online writing and literacy support (HALL)

The Hub for Academic Literacy and Learning (HALL) site provides support for UWS students through online resources, tools and information to develop their academic reading and writing skills. Face-to-face support programs include Electronic Technology Program (ETP), Library Roving, writing workshops and the Skills for Study Program.

For more information, go to the Hub for Academic Literacy and Learning (HALL)

Online mathematics support (MESH)

The Mathematics Education Support Hub (MESH) provides UWS students with mathematics and statistics support at all stages in their courses of study. This website provides resources for students who want to:
  • revise or 'brush-up' on their basic mathematical skills
  • understand and practice the mathematical calculations underpinning their discipline area/s
  • gain statistical skills for their industry

Build your confidence in using mathematics by engaging in the activities provided on the MESH hub.

Access the Mathematics Education Support Hub (MESH).

Library resources

The Library has a range of online self-paced programs which can help improve reading, grammar and academic writing.

Modules included are:

Study, Money & Life Skills online workshops and iBooks

The Study, Money & Life Skills vUWS site and iBooks will help you increase your learning potential, develop personal awareness and assist with skills to manage your finances. It provides helpful information and resources for all students.

For more information visit the Study, Money and Life Skills page.

TheDesk online learning

TheDesk (opens in a new window) is an online program that provides strategies and skills for success, resilience and wellbeing. While TheDesk is particularly useful for those who are feeling stressed, TheDesk is for all students, not just those who identify as having problems. It is founded on the premise that all students can be resilient and successful. It focuses on strengths, with activities building on existing abilities of students.

TheDesk offers free access to online modules, tools, quizzes and resources, including a comprehensive Get Help section.

TheDesk was developed by Dr Helen Stallman (UQ), Professor David Kavanagh (QUT), and Associate Professor Alan Ralph (UQ) and funded by beyondblue.

Higher Degree Research: Candidate Support and Resources

UWS offers a range of support and resources for higher degree research candidates such as workshops and training courses. 

For more information on the resources available for candidates, go to Candidate Support and Resources.

Perfectionism and Procrastination tutorial

Perfectionism is a trait that motivates you to achieve success, however, it can also immobilise your attempts at actually getting started on your work and heighten procrastination.

In this video (opens in a new window), Cristina Pastore talks to us about good and bad perfectionism, how to stop procrastinating and what you can do to become better at managing your time. The idea is to develop your skills so that you can blitz through your research degree and reduce your stress about getting everything completed on time.

Public speaking anxiety tutorial

Do you experience high levels of anxiety and worry about public speaking? This is a common concern for many people, even for researchers in academia who are considered experts in their field.

In this video (opens in a new window), Erin Helleur talks to us about some strategies you can use to manage your anxiety and develop your presentation skills so that you can speak about your research with confidence.

Peer support programs


Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is a free program where you work with other students to understand the content of your unit/s and develop various study strategies to help you improve your academic performance. Each PASS group is run by a student facilitator who has already successfully studied the unit.

For more information visit the PASS webpage.


PASSWrite is a discipline based reading and writing enrichment program where you can develop your academic writing skills and receive individual feedback on your writing. In a PASSWrite session, an experienced and successful student will give you hands-on writing and critical reading practice in a small group environment.

For more information visit the PASSWrite webpage.


Mentoring and Transition Equals Success(MATES) is a free mentoring program for first year students to help them connect with other new students and mentors in later years of study. The program is designed to help new students make friends, network with other students and gain knowledge and skills to settle into life at university.

For more information visit the MATES webpage.


Mathematics Education Support Hub (MESH)




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