UWS systems


  • Enhanced security requirements for the student email system.

    Microsoft have introduced some enhanced security requirements to the student email system. You may be asked to complete an online form when you next log into your student email via the MyUWS Student Portal. UWS IT Services recommends that you fill in the required fields.

    The details you supply will be used by Microsoft to ensure the enhanced security of your student email account.

    It is possible to bypass this request and proceed to your email if you scroll down and click 'Save'. However, the screen will continue to appear until you supply the information requested.

Available systems

You will use several online systems during your studies at UWS. A brief explanation of each is below.

MyUWSAccount (opens in a new window)Your MyUWSAccount is your first point of call at UWS as it gives you access to all UWS online systems. Make sure you activate your MyUWSAccount (opens in a new window).

MyUWS Student Portal (opens in a new window)The MyUWS Student Portal is your online information hub. Log into MyUWS to access your student email, MyStudentRecords (MySR), PlatformWeb, vUWS (online learning), Career Hub and the Library website. Important announcements are also displayed in MyUWS, so make sure you check it regularly.

Student EmailStudent email is a service UWS provides to its students. Your official UWS student email is the only communication channel between you and the University for important information relating to your enrolment, exams, results, graduation and University news.

You should check your email regularly  daily during teaching sessions and weekly out of teaching sessions to make sure you receive information in a timely manner. If you don't check your student email regularly, you will miss important messages which may affect your enrolment. When contacting the University by email you must only use your UWS student email account.

Access your UWS student email via the MyUWS (opens in a new window) Student Portal.

MyStudent Records (MySR) (opens in a new window)
MySR is your online student records system at UWS. Here you will enrol, add, change or drop units (until the census date), keep your contact details up to date and check your fees and results.
Access MySR via MyUWS (opens in a new window) Student Portal.
If you need help using MySR, please see the MySR help webpage.

Allocate+ (Tutorial Registration)Allocate+ (Tutorial Registration) is the online system you will use register for tutorials and create your personal timetable.

Access Allocate+ (Tutorial Registration) via the MyUWS Student Portal (opens in a new window)

PlatformWeb (opens in a new window)PlatformWeb is the online system you will use to access your exam timetable.

Access PlatformWeb via the MyUWS Student Portal (opens in a new window).

eLearning (vUWS)eLearning or vUWS (pronounced views) is an online learning environment. Your course and some of your units may have a vUWS site, which may include your unit or course outline, information about your assessment tasks, study resources and announcements related to your unit or course. Make sure you check your vUWS sites regularly during session as they may be updated at any time.

Access vUWS through the MyUWS (opens in a new window) Student Portal.

iPay (opens in a new window)iPay is the secure online payment system students use to pay their fees and charges. iPay is also used to pay for academic transcripts and graduations.

SMSUWS may contact you by SMS in an emergency. Emergencies include being at risk of having your enrolment cancelled or the emergency closure of a campus. Make sure your mobile number is correct in MySR.

If you do not wish to receive SMS notifications from UWS, you must email no-sms@uws.edu.au, from your student email account.

UWS Handbook (opens in a new window) (course and unit search)The UWS Handbook is the official reference for courses and units offered at UWS. Once you have accepted your offer to UWS, view the UWS Handbook to know which units are offered and which units to enrol in.

You can access the Handbook (opens in a new window) online.

Computer labsComputer labs are available on all UWS campuses for students to use.

AirUWS is UWS' wireless internet service. It is free and can be accessed from your laptop while on any UWS campus.

Print Services for students
Your one-stop-shop offering value and convenience for your printing needs. Services include printing, copying, scanning and binding.

IT Service DeskYou can contact the IT Service Desk by email or phone to get help for a range of computer and account problems, audio visual equipment loans and discount computers. For a full list of services, please see the UWS IT Services Catalogue (opens in a new window).

Policies (opens in a new window)While you are a student at UWS, you are responsible for making sure you are aware of the policies that affect you such as the Enrolment Policy and the Examinations Policy. All University policies, procedures and guidelines are available at the policies webpage (opens in a new window).