Social Ecology Symposium 2013

The Expanding Universe of Social Ecology

"The Expanding Universe of Social Ecology"
18-19 April 2013, UWS Hawkesbury Campus


In its 30 year history at the University of Western Sydney Social Ecology has established a unique position in the Australian educational landscape as a radical transdisciplinary program that applies ecological perspectives to promote social action for a sustainable world. Many Social Ecology graduates have gone on to prominent roles as leaders, thinkers and social activists in academic settings, government, non-government, community and business organisations and in the arts. In 2013 Social Ecology is well positioned to capitalise on growing interest in issues of sustainability, with a recent major publication attracting significant international attention, staff awards for our work in sustainability education and recent high level appointments.


The aims of the April 2013 symposium are to take stock of our successes, to learn from the achievements of our graduates and, most importantly, to renew and re-imagine the Social Ecology agenda in light of recent developments and pressing needs for social change to achieve global and local sustainability. We invite you to join with us to help us reaffirm and redefine the Social Ecology project to play a leading role in promoting a sustainable society and responding to challenges ahead.


Special Guest:

  • Stephen Kellert, Tweedy Ordway Professor Emeritus of Social Ecology at Yale University


  • Richard Bawden
  • Dexter Dunphy
  • Stuart Hill
  • Dale Hunter
  • Sally Gillespie
  • Susie Goff
  • Christina Kirk
  • Karen Malone
  • Susan Murphy
  • Margaret Somerville

    ... and more!

Read their biographies at List of Presenters (opens in a new window)


The program includes:

1. A dialogue stream, featuring a series of panels with invited presenters, to be arranged around the following core themes in our work:

  • Social Ecology as action pedagogy for transformative education
  • Community action/community arts
  • Ecopsychology and cultural change
  • Sense of Place
  • Environmental education and advocacy
  • Leading change
  • Sustainable futures

2. A workshop stream which is open to a range of submissions.

You will be able to submit workshop proposals online. Please be sure to address the criteria when submitting your proposal. Preference will be given to collaborative workshops and presentations that clearly address and enhance the symposium goal of re-envisioning the project of Social Ecology.

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