Staff Giving Appeal


"[...] there's a real sense of satisfaction in thinking that you're contributing to helping someone who's doing it tough or hard at university be able to get the degree that they deserve."

- Professor Peter Shergold AC, launch of the Staff Giving Appeal - Potential UNLIMITED.

As a proud staff member you have a hand in defining who we are as a University. Our mission to achieve excellence through scholarship, teaching, learning, research and service to local and international communities, beginning with the people of Western Sydney, belongs to you.

For too long we have allowed others to tell us who we are. We have kept secret the wonderful things we achieve and the hard work that makes our success possible. The sacrifices that we have all made in living up to our mission have largely gone unheralded, but with unwavering commitment we continue on.

Our heritage, our region, our people demand nothing less. It's who we are .

We are committed to the success of our students – we do the extras, take on tasks and challenges above our designation; and at times we reach into our own pockets where we see a lack.

We are deeply entrenched and engaged with the communities of Western Sydney – providing access to world-class, research-led education and creating opportunities for the people of our region in whose destiny we find ours ever entwined.

Our work transforms lives and communities for the better and it is to this noble endeavour we give everything. It's who we are .

You have an opportunity today to reinforce who we are by joining the Staff Giving program and lending your support to deserving students, who, through no fault of their own, are limited by significant hardship. In that regard, 15 students are currently being supported through Staff Giving with a Western Sydney Community Scholarship – a sobering thought is that 4 times that number applied for assistance this year.

Our Chancellor has called on all of us to significantly increase the number of students we are able to support with scholarships by the end of the year. In response to this two new scholarship funds have been added as options for Staff Giving. These are the Refugee Scholarships Fund (Opens in a new window) and Higher Degree Research Scholarships. In order to make these viable, the University has called on the government and its community for support – and we need your help.

This is a "defining" moment.

Through Staff Giving you can make automated, fortnightly payroll donations to support our students or our charity partners. You will receive immediate tax benefits for your gifts through payroll and 100% of your contribution will be directed to the cause of your choice. The University will match dollar-for-dollar any staff donation towards scholarships. This means that the impact of your giving will be more than doubled as the actual net salary outlay is considerably smaller than the pre-tax payroll donation.

Join Staff Giving today and help our students reach their potential UNLIMITED. It's who we are.