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21 July 2016: Australian and Indian researchers are pooling efforts – and funding – to safeguard fruit and vegetable crops, and insect pollinators, in the face of challenges such as honey bee habitat loss and disease.

Jul 21

In this EU project, we are quantifying the responses of ecosystems and society in a world increasingly rich in N and C but limited in P and other mineral elements. The focus today will be on surprising findings in natural geothermal gradients in Iceland, on a meta-analysis of ecosystem desiccation experiments, and on changes in functioning and structure of pristine rain forests along soil P and precipitation gradients.

7 July 2016

A future where landscapers, local councils and developers can quickly determine the best long-term plant species to establish, in the face of climate change and other challenges, is not too far away. Today, two of the nation's leading universities, the NSW Government and Horticulture Innovation Australia announced a $10 million dollar research consortium that is working to make this a reality...

The Three Minute Thesis round for 2016 was held at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment on Thursday June 30th 2016. With 28 presentations over a wide range of topics, the Three Minute Thesis round is an excellent opportunity to learn insights and explanations from many of the students at HIE.

Dec 1

The Australian and New Zealand Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (ANZSCPB) is an unofficial society that meets annually at locations around Australia and New Zealand. The aim of each meeting is to promote scientific excellence in comparative research in a socially enjoyable atmosphere.

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