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We are seeking a highly motivated PhD candidate for a project in the field of plant ecophysiology and climate change. The PhD candidate is expected to commence around October 2016. Closing date 3 June 2016.

We are now seeking a highly motivated PhD student to contribute to a new Australian Research Council Discovery project that aims to resolve one of the most long-standing questions about the functioning of plants: how much of the carbon that they take up in photosynthesis do they use immediately for growth, and how much do they keep in reserve as insurance for the future?

You're drifting off to sleep when, suddenly, there's a bump and a thump and an unearthly shriek. But never fear, if your home is making these noises you probably don't have ghosts, but a family of common brushtail possums...

May 11

Plant ecological strategy research changed gear in the 1990s with the suggestion that measurable species traits should be used directly as strategy dimensions. This opened a path to world-scale comparisons. And indeed, over the past 20 years a satisfying quantitative picture has been built about the constellation of species ecologies worldwide.

May 12

This talk will address the physiological differences between C4 grasses and trees, present preliminary results of a combined [CO2]a manipulation experiment , whereby the functionality of grass and tree savanna species were directly compared, and highlight how physiological traits may underpin rapid vegetation switches between states.

2015 ARC Excellence

Western Sydney University
ARC Discovery 2015 grants have been awarded to Prof David Ellsworth, Dr Oula Ghannoum, Dr Yolima Carrillo, Prof Belinda Medlyn, Dr Remko Duursma, Prof Ian Anderson, Dr Jonathan Plett and Dr Jeff Powell.
Dr Kristine Crous
Dr Kristine Crous awarded ARC DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award) to investigate 'How will Australia rainforest trees cope with climate warming?"