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The Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment in conjunction with the University of Aberdeen is offering a PhD research scholarship.Our cotutelle partnership means that you can study for a PhD within both universities, gaining incredible experience, mentoring opportunities and professional development recognised by both universities.
Dec 2

A fundamental goal of community ecology is to understand and predict patterns of biodiversity within and across different ecological communities.

An opportunity for postgraduate students from China to apply for studies at HIE's unique and prestigious research environment. Apply by 17 January 2016...
HIE and collaborators in WA are seeking an energetic PhD student to undertake an exciting doctoral research program related to understanding the capacity of trees to respond to climate change, and determining the importance of genetic adaptation and phenotypic plasticity...
The Hawkesbury Appeal Prize is a very special award that reflects more than one hundred years of science excellence at the Hawkesbury campus. The Prize is offered for the first time in 2015 to postgraduate students based at the Hawkesbury campus...
Two post-doctoral opportunities in modelling and flux ecology are available to apply by November 22 2015.
The Institute will offer a number of Summer Scholarships for undergraduate students (second and third year) to work for approximately six to eight weeks during the summer in a field of research related to plant science. Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis.
Apr 4

4th - 7th April 2016

The Ninth Australasian Conference of Grassland Invertebrate Ecology Conference focuses on the biology, ecology and management of both pest and beneficial invertebrates in native and introduced grasslands including pastures, pasture/crop rotations and turf....

2015 ARC Excellence

Western Sydney University
ARC Discovery 2015 grants have been awarded to Prof David Ellsworth, Dr Oula Ghannoum, Dr Yolima Carrillo, Prof Belinda Medlyn, Dr Remko Duursma, Prof Ian Anderson, Dr Jonathan Plett and Dr Jeff Powell.
Dr Kristine Crous
Dr Kristine Crous awarded ARC DECRA (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award) to investigate 'How will Australia rainforest trees cope with climate warming?"