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1 June 2015

Planting has finished on a new phase of our experiments to assess the suitability of a range of selected Eucalyptus camaldulensis clonal lines under field conditions as part of the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) project in partnership with the CSIRO....

Jul 21

Dr Bob Godfree, CSIRO presents Fitness of Themeda australis (kangaroo grass) populations under experimentally simulated drought and climate change: the role of polyploidy. Polyploidy,the condition of having more than two paired sets of chromosomes, is aubiquitous phenomenon that is thought to play an important role in theecological differentiation and evolution of plants...


Impacts Of Elevated CO2 On Aphids
Changes in host plant quality resulting from global climate change and attack from multiple herbivores have the potential to modify the pest status of insect herbivores.
HDR student Honglang Duan and experiments on Eucalyptus radiata
Elevated temperature accelerates the time-to-mortality in plants exposed to prolonged drought, while elevated CO2 reduces stomatal conductance and water loss.