Doctor Raul Ochoa Hueso

Raul OchoaDr Raúl Ochoa-Hueso is a Research Fellow in the Institute. His research centres on the consequences of climate change on ecosystem processes related to the main nutrient cycles and how these impacts determine changes at the plant community level within the Ecosystem Function and Integration research theme.
Dr Raúl Ochoa-Hueso joined the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment as a research fellow in September 2013.

He is an ecosystem ecologist with broad interests on the effects of human-induced global environmental change on ecosystem structure and functioning and the link between them. Raúl is also interested on how these undesired negative impacts affect key ecosystem services such as above-ground and below-ground carbon storage and water supply and quality.

At HIE, Raúl is working with Associate Professor Sally Power on several projects related to the effects of altered precipitation regimes (reduced and increased amount of rainfall and altered frequency) and root herbivore density on ecosystem structure and processes tightly linked to the main nutrient (N and P) cycles in an Australian grassland ecosystem (DRI-GRASS Project).

He is also involved in the study of the impacts of increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations on belowground productivity in a native eucalypt forest (EucFACE) as well as in the study of how different levels of nutrient availability (N, P and K alone and in combination) determine plant community structure and ecosystem functioning in Australian grasslands (as part of the Nutrient Network Experimental Sites).

Raúl received his PhD from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2012 (with Doctorate Extraordinary Prize), under the supervision of Prof. Esteban Manrique. During his PhD, he led the set-up of the first field nitrogen fertilization experiment in Spain to examine the impacts of simulated nitrogen deposition on semiarid Mediterranean ecosystems. This experiment is still ongoing and its importance has been internationally recognized by top research groups and in international SCI publications.

His core expertise is on the ecological impacts of increased nitrogen deposition and climate change on terrestrial ecosystems. His experience includes research along extant and simulated nitrogen deposition and climatic gradients in semiarid portions of Spain, where he has led work evaluating impacts on: (1) plant and soil microbial communities and (2) soil chemistry, biogeochemistry and functioning.

Given his broad interests, he has experience in other fields of research, such as biological soil crust ecology, butterfly ecology and heavy metal pollution effects on plants. He has experience working in many different ecosystem types, including Mediterranean ecosystems in different parts of Europe, California and Australia and Temperate and Desert ecosystems in Europe and the United States. He also has wide experience working in shrublands, forests, grasslands, peat bogs and degraded ecosystems. 

Together with the projects he has led, he has collaborated with many groups in projects more or less related to his core field of expertise. For example, he has collaborated in experiments aimed at understanding the importance of arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculum origin on plant community response to altered resource availability (nitrogen and water) simulating global change scenarios.

This project was developed in collaboration with Prof. Francisco Pugnaire and Dr. Laura B. Martínez-García. He has also collaborated with Prof. Leopoldo G. Sancho, Prof. Allan Green and Dr. María Arróniz-Crespo in a project aimed at studying the role of nitrogen fixation by cyanobacteria attached to different moss species (increasing ecosystem fertility) on the ability of Nothofagus forests to thrive after glacier retreat in Tierra del Fuego (Patagonia, Chile). During his doctoral thesis he also established permanent collaborations with top-research groups in the UK (Drs. Gareth K. Phoenix, Jonathan R. Leake, Carly J. Stevens and Lucy J. Sheppard), United States (Prof. Edith B. Allen and Dr. Matthew Bowker), Australia (Prof. William D. Stock), Portugal (Drs. Cristina Cruz and Cristina Branquinho) and Spain (Dr. Fernando Maestre, Dr. Esther Perez-Corona and Dr. Mark Theobald), among others.

Academic Achievements

  • 2012 - PhD in Ecology and Environment, Spanish Research Council/Autonomous University of Madrid. Summa cum laude by unanimity (highest mark in Spain) awarded with "Doctorate Extraordinary Prize"
  • 2007 - MSc in Ecology and Environment, Spanish Research Council/Autonomous University of Madrid. Sobresaliente (highest mark in Spain)
  • 2006 - BSc in Biology, Autonomous University of Madrid awarded with "Degree Extraordinary Prize" 


  • 2007 - FPU Predoctoral Fellowship (Spanish Ministry of Education and Science)
  • 2005 - Collaboration grant in the Zoology Department at the Autonomous University of Madrid

Signing Member in Research Projects

  1. Duration of the project: 2010/2014. Title of the project: 'Biotic community attributes and ecosystem functioning: implications for predicting and mitigating global change impacts (BIOCOM – Grant agreement nº 242658)'. Funding Institution: European Research Council-Starting Grants. Participant Institutions: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid. Budget: 1,463,374 €. Principal Investigator: Fernando T. Maestre
  2. Duration of the project: 08/2012. Title of the project: 'Isoprene emissions and pigment content in Sphagnum from peatlands in relation to N deposition (ICARO)'. Funding Institution: ExpeER Ecosystem Research (Seventh Framework Programme). Participant Institutions: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid; Center for Ecology and Hydrology (Drs. Lucy Sheppard and Susan Owen). Budget: 1,492 € (for travelling and daily allowance). Principal Investigator: Raúl Ochoa-Hueso
  3. Duration of the project: 2010-2013. Title of the project: 'Nitrogen deposition effects on Mediterranean Ecosystems (ECONIMED)'. Funding Institution: Ministry of Science and Innovation. Participant Institutions: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas; Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Budget: 43,000 €. Principal Investigator: Esteban Manrique Reol


Frequent reviewer for specialized scientific journals such as Ecological Applications, Environmental Pollution, Journal of Arid Land, Journal of Plant Ecology, Journal of Vegetation Science, Nordic Journal of Botany, Plant Ecology, Revista Chilena de Historia Natural, Soil Biology and Biochemistry and Water, Air and Soil Pollution.

Areas of Research

Global Change Ecology; Nitrogen Deposition and Climate Change Effects on Terrestrial Ecosystems; Mediterranean Ecology; Grassland Ecology; Plant and Biological Soil Crust Ecology and Ecophysiology; Soil Biogeochemistry; Soil Functioning and Microbial Ecology

Selected Publications

Ochoa-Hueso R, Delgado-Baquerizo M, Gallardo A, Bowker MA, Maestre FT, (2016) 'Climatic conditions, soil fertility and atmospheric nitrogen deposition largely determine the structure and functioning of microbial communities in biocrust-dominated Mediterranean drylands', Plant and Soil, vol.399, no.s 1-2, pp 271-282

Martinez-Garcia LB, Ochoa-Hueso R, Manrique E, Pugnaire FI, (2015) 'Different mycorrhizal fungal strains determine plant community response to nitrogen and water availability', Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, vol.178, no.1, pp 146-154

Ochoa-Hueso R, Manrique E, (2015) 'Effects of nitrogen deposition and soil fertility on cover and physiology of Cladonia foliacea (Huds.) Willd., a lichen of biological soil crusts from Mediterranean Spain (vol 159, pg 449, 2011)', Environmental Pollution, vol.196, pp 478-478

Ochoa-Hueso R, Stevens CJ, (2015) 'European Semiarid Mediterranean Ecosystems are Sensitive to Nitrogen Deposition: Impacts on Plant Communities and Root Phosphatase Activity', Water Air and Soil Pollution, vol.226, no.2, Article no.5 

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Manuscripts submitted and in preparation

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Book chapters

Arróniz-Crespo M, Ochoa-Hueso R, Manrique Reol E, 'Biomonitoring of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in Mexico: detection and prevention of damage in natural ecosystems', In: Cerón Bretón et al. Advances and perspectives of acid deposition in Mexico. UNACAR (Campeche, México). ISBN: 978-607-7826-21-7. (In Spanish)

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