Sydney Intellectual History Network @ UWS

The Sydney Intellectual History Network is an interdisciplinary historical initiative that aims to bring together scholars whose research expertise historicises knowledge structures and habits of thought, ethical and religious ideals, historiographical theories, scholarly cultures of the past, as well as philosophical, scientific, legal and political ideas and any other styles of intellectual history not already imagined here. The term 'intellectual history' is used in a broad-ranging sense that embraces work from numerous perspectives, providing a forum for discussion of shared historicist methodological and epistemological concerns.

The Sydney Intellectual History Network currently has two nodes; the first, SIHN@UWS and the second, SIHN@Sydney(opens in a new window). Both have been supported by internal grants from each university. We hope to see similar strengths acknowledged at other universities and to develop collaborative activities with them. In 2014 SIHN@UWS will host two symposiums focussing on specific themes.

To receive advice of forthcoming events or for general enquiries, please contact Cath Bishop. To offer a paper please contact Alison Moore.

Next Event

Secularisation Workshop at UWS Parramatta Campus 4-5 December 2014 convened by David Burchell and Sarah Irving. For more information contact Cath Bishop.