Research Seminar - Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

Event Name
Research Seminar - Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
13 December 2012
03:00 pm - 05:00 pm
Hawkesbury Campus

Address (Room): Lecture Theatre G.21, Building L9, Hawkesbury Campus, UWS


The final HIE Seminar for 2012 will occur next week.

Seminar abstract: We live in a changing world. The human population is increasing in number, resources, including the fertilizers that support much of the Worlds agriculture, are dwindling, and our atmosphere is changing, which in turn is forcing changes in our climate. Soils, and the fascinating biotic communities they support, are impacted upon by these changes. But equally, soil ecological processes may help to address many of these issues. In this seminar I will present results of our recent work looking at soil ecology in a changing world.

In particular, I will focus on the re-vegetation of pasture-lands as a way of increasing soil carbon stocks, and the impact of soil amendments on soil ecological processes. A major theme in this seminar will be the issues of scale, soil heterogeneity and relating structure to function. While I certainly don’t profess to have answers to the issues identified here, I do hope some insights have been gained that will be of interest and utility.

For more information on Dr Cavagnaro, please visit here. The seminar will be followed by drinks and nibbles available in the foyer of L9 – all are welcome!

No RSVP is required, we hope to see you all there.

Speakers: Dr Tim Cavagnaro, Biological Sciences, Monash University

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Name: Patricia Hellier

Phone: 4570 1257

School / Department: Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment