Professor Tony Bennett

Professor Tony Bennett with trees and the Female Orphan School in the background. Tony Bennett joined UWS as Research Professor in Social and Cultural Theory at the Institute for Culture and Society in 2009. His previous positions included a period as Professor of Sociology at the Open University where he was also a Director of the ESRC Centre for Research on Socio-cultural Change, and as Professor of Cultural Studies at Griffith University where he was also Dean of Humanities and Director of the ARC Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy. He is a member of the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

Professor Bennett’s interests span a number of areas across the social sciences and humanities, with significant contributions to the fields of literary theory, cultural studies, cultural sociology, and museum studies. His work in literary studies includes influential assessments of the relations between formalist and Marxist criticism, and critical appraisals of Marxist aesthetic theory. In cultural studies his work has had a formative influence on the study of popular culture and he has played a leading role in the development of cultural policy studies. His work in cultural sociology includes major surveys of the social patterns of cultural practice and consumption in both Australia and Britain, and critical engagements with the sociology of literature and audience and reception theory. His work in museum studies has contributed to the development of the ‘new museology’ particularly in the light it has thrown on the role of museums as instruments of social governance.

The common thread running through his interests across these areas concerns the ways in which culture is tangled up in the exercise of power. This continues to inform his current research focused on the ways in which the knowledge practices of aesthetics and anthropology have informed modern processes of cultural governance from the 19th century through to the present. This work includes a significant focus on the part played by the early fieldwork phase in Australian, British, French and American anthropology in the development of new practices of colonial governance. It also includes a concern with the varying social uses of aesthetic discourses, and the role of aesthetics in the history of social theory. He is also engaged in an inquiry into the role of habit as a key concept in social, political and cultural theory, and with the role it has played in the practices of both liberal and colonial governance. Professor Bennett is currently working on the Australian Research Council Discovery Project Museum, Field, Metropolis, Colony: Practices of Social Governance.

Professor Bennett’s work has been translated into French, Swedish, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and he has lectured at universities, art galleries and museums in Europe, Asia, Africa, Asia and North America. He has worked in a consulting or advisory capacity for a range of governmental organisations, including UNESCO and the Council of Europe, and has conducted research collaborations with a wide range of cultural sector and government organisations in Australia and Britain.

He is currently co-editor of the Journal of Cultural Economy and of the Culture, Economy and the Social book series published by Routledge.

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PhD, 1972, Sociology, University of Sussex, UK

BA, 1968, Politics, Philosophy, Economics, Oxford University, UK

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Honours and Awards

2010-: Visiting Research Professor, Open University

2009: Visiting Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanjing University

2005-: Visiting Professor, University of Hunan, Kaifung.

2006-: Professorial Fellow, School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne

2003: Centre for Public Scholarship, Emory University, Atlanta: Visiting Fellow.

1996: Department of Communications, University of South Africa: Visiting Professor.

1998: Elected to the Australian Academy of the Humanities

1994: Unit for Interpretation and Criticism, University of Illinois: Visiting Professor.

1994: Pavis Centre for Research in Sociology and Social Anthropology, The Open University: Visiting Fellow.

1989: Faculty of Arts, Carleton University, Ottawa: Visiting Senior Scholar.

1983: Faculty of Humanities, Griffith University: Visiting Fellow.

1982: Departments of Comparative Literature and Film, University of Iowa: Visiting Professor.

Ongoing: Member of the editorial/advisory boards of: New Formations, Cultural Studies, Continuum, Critical Cultural and Communication Studies, Literature and History, The International Journal of Cultural Studies, The European Journal of Cultural Studies, Cultural Studies in Review, Museum History Journal, Museums & Society, and Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research.

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Selected Publications


Bennett, T, 2013, Making culture, changing society, Routledge, London & New York.

Bennett, T, Savage, M, Silva, E, Warde, A, Gayo-Cal, M & Wright, D 2009, Culture, class, distinction, Routledge, London & New York.

Bennett, T 2007, Critical trajectories: culture, society, intellectuals, Blackwell, Malden, US & Oxford.

Bennett, T 2007, Culture and society: collected essays, Guangxi Normal University Press, Beijing.

Bennett, T 2004, Pasts beyond memories: evolution, museums, colonialism, Routledge, London & New York.

Bennett, T, Frow, J & Emmison, M 1999, Accounting for tastes: Australian everyday cultures, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne.

Bennett, T 1998, Culture: a reformer’s science, Allen and Unwin, Sydney; Sage, London & New York. [Croatian translation, Golden marketing-Technicka knjiga]

Bennett, T (ed.) 1996, Museums and citizenship: a resource book (special issue of memoirs of the Queensland Museum), Queensland Museum, Brisbane.

Bennett, T 1995, The birth of the museum: history, theory, politics, Routledge, London & New York.

Bennett, T 1990, Outside literature, Routledge, London & New York; Methuen, New York.

Bennett, T & Woollacott, J 1987, Bond and beyond: the political career of a popular hero, Macmillan, London; Methuen, New York.

Bennett, T 1979, Formalism and Marxism, Methuen, London & New York.

Edited Collections

Bennett, T & Joyce, P (eds) 2010, Material powers: cultural studies, history and the material turn, Routledge, London & New York.

Bennett, T & Frow, J (eds) 2008, The Sage handbook of cultural analysis, Sage, London.

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Bennett, T, Boyd-Bowman, S, Mercer, C & Woollacott, J (eds) 1981, Popular television and film, British Film Institute, London.

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Book Chapters (since 2000)

Bennett, T 2013, 'Collecting, Instructing, Governning: fields, publics, milieus', in T Bennett, Making Culture, Changing Society, Routledge, London and New York, pp. 99-108. 

Bennett, T 2013, 'Making and mobilizing worlds: assembling and governning the Other', in T Bennett, Making Culture, Changing Society, Routledge, London and New York, pp. 73-87. 

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Journal Articles (since 2000)

Bennet, T, Dibley, B & Harrison, R 2014, 'Introduction: anthropology, collecting and colonial governmentality' (opens in a new window), History and Anthropology, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 137-149.  

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Reports (since 2000)

Bennett, T, Savage, M, Silva, E, Warde, A, Gayo-Cal, M & Wright, D 2006, Media cultures: a report on the organisation of the media field in contemporary Britain, British Film Institute, London.

Bennett, T 2002, Differing diversities: culture, policy, citizenship and diversity, Council of Europe, Strasbourg. 


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