AirUWS-Lite Wireless Network

AirUWS-Lite - the UWS wireless network

UWS has provided a wireless network since early 2007, with the initial objective of allowing students to connect to the Internet from laptop/notebook computers.

UWS has since improved and expanded its wireless service, making it easier to use and more reliable. Our new network is called AirUWS-Lite, and is available on all campuses. With AirUWS-Lite students and staff can connect a wide range of devices such as smartphones, PDAs, iPhones, iPads, Android 4 and Linux based devices, and more.

AirUWS-Lite available on all campuses

Student with laptopUsing their MyUWSAccount credentials to log in, UWS students and staff on all campuses are able to access the Internet wirelessly from a wide variety of devices.

AirUWS-Lite provides wireless zones in key campus locations, ensuring coverage is available where most needed:

  • libraries
  • rec rooms
  • lecture theatres
  • most tutorial rooms
  • staff meeting rooms
  • some outdoor areas

Using AirUWS-Lite

When you're within a UWS wireless zone, your device will detect AirUWS-Lite. Connect to AirUWS-Lite and open your web browser to login with your student or staff number and password.

What will I need to access AirUWS-Lite?

  • A wireless device compatible with 802.11a, 802.11g, or 802.11n standards.
  • An active MyUWSAccount.
  • If connecting with a Macintosh computer, you will need administrative user rights to accept the security certificate.

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Getting help

What support is available?

ITDS support staff provide assistance with connecting to AirUWS-Lite, however, due to the large variety of equipment expected to connect, ITDS staff may not be able to resolve all connection problems. Please ensure that you have followed the processes in the relevant MyIT knowledge article (opens in a new window) before requesting support.


IT Support Officers, located at the general purpose computer labs on each campus, are the primary source of support for students connecting private devices to AirUWS-Lite. Students have access to the MyIT portal (opens in a new window), and may also contact the IT Service Desk for phone based support.


The primary source of support for staff connecting to AirUWS-Lite is the IT Service Desk. Staff also have access to the MyIT portal (opens in a new window), can speak to IT Support Officers in the labs, and can contact the IT Service Desk for phone based support..

IT Service Desk

Knowledge base

Fact sheets (pdf format) providing information on connecting to AirUWS-Lite with laptops running Windows 7, Windows Vista, MacOS 10.6.4, Android 4 (or later) devices, iPhones, and iPads are available from our MyIT knowledge base (opens in a new window). Basic support information, troubleshooting and tips are also available on the AirUWS-Lite support site.

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Minimum specifications required to use AirUWS-Lite

Most modern phones, tablets, and computers are able to connect to AirUWS-Lite.

Network hardware

  • Your wireless hardware must be compatible with the 802.11g or 802.11a wireless standards.

Operating systems

  • Most recent operating systems should be able to connect to AirUWS-Lite.
  • Windows XP computers must be running Service Pack 3.
  • Android devices must be running Android 4 or later.


  • For your own protection and security, antivirus software suitable for your device is strongly recommended.

Web browser

  • Most current web browsers should work.

Network TCP/IP settings

  • Must be set to obtain an IP address automatically (this is normally the default setting).

Keyboard layout

  • You may need to set your computer to use the US keyboard layout (normally the default setting).

Additional information

What is wireless?

Wireless is simply another method available to staff and students to connect to the UWS network, and from there, the Internet. As its name implies, you don't need to plug a wire from the back of your device into a network port - freeing you from working in a fixed location. Of course, you'll still need batteries to supply your power - or a long extension lead!

AirUWS-Lite allows students and staff to use Internet based services with a variety of wireless devices without needing to be physically connected to the network.

How does wireless work?

Wireless relies on radio transmissions to transmit and receive data. The following links may help you understand wireless network technology.

These sites should be used as a general guide only, and are not endorsed by UWS.

What's the benefit to me?

The major benefit to students and staff is Internet access 'anywhere' on campus. Provided you're in a wireless zone, you can log in with your wireless device and access the Internet without battling red tape. You can access the Internet in many areas that don't have a traditional network installed, such as campus caf├ęs, the Library, and lecture theatres. You can take advantage of good weather and work outside, or connect during a lecture.

Other benefits will be seen as users become familiar with the capabilities of wireless - for example, students and staff may develop more innovative and flexible approaches to the learning experience.


If you are using, or have tried to use AirUWS-Lite, we would like your feedback.

Comments regarding setup, instructions, technical issues, IT support, network access and services available, and any suggested improvements should be sent directly to

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