Early Offer Program

The Early Offer program is a great way to get your place at uni sorted with plenty of time to spare.

The Early Offer program is designed to give as many 2015 HSC students as possible the opportunity to study at Western Sydney University.  

Early Offer Opportunities - after you get your ATAR

  • Put any course as any preference by 4 December 2015 and you could be eligible for an Early Offer. We will contact you after your ATAR comes out to tell you the range of courses you could get into - and what you need to do to get an Early Offer. There are over 130 Early Offer courses. You could have your offer and be enrolled in uni before all your friends.

Not all Western Sydney University courses are available through the Early Offer Program. Courses such as Medicine, Physiotherapy, Midwifery and Paramedicine have strict quotas but there are around 130 other courses on the Early Offer course list. Your Regional, Subject and Educational Access Scheme Bonus points will be taken into consideration when we let you know what category of courses are available to you.

Applicants who qualify for the Regional Bonus, Subject Bonus, Educational Access Scheme (EAS) and the Elite Athlete and Performer Bonus Scheme can only receive a maximum of 10 Bonus Points in total. 

Students do not need to live in the Western Sydney region to receive up to 10 Subject Bonus Points. Subject Bonus Points are not available for all courses.

Where can you go for more information?

If you want to talk, Team U is our student-run advice line that was set up especially to help you into Western Sydney University. They can help answer any questions you have about uni. Call them on 1300 897 669 or email teamu@westernsydney.edu.au They will be happy to help.