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Teaching and Learning a Different StyleCourse Information at UWS International

The teaching styles you will encounter at UWS and the study techniques required might be very different from what you have been used to in your home country.

You will be required to study a full load of subjects normally four or more units (subjects) per teaching session (in some instances a minimum of three units can be studied and still regarded as full-time). Generally, your study will be undertaken on a UWS campus involving a combination of lectures and tutorials for a majority of the course.

This term normally refers to a study load of two units (subjects) per teaching session. International students, if studying in Australia, are unable to study on a part-time basis due to Australian student visa regulations. However, if you are undertaking a UWS course by distance education and studying in your home country, you are permitted to study part- time as you are not restricted by Australian student visa regulations.

Flexible mode
This generally means that the majority of the course is undertaken off- campus. However, you will be required to attend compulsory residential workshops at a UWS campus during each teaching session, therefore you must study in Australia.

External mode
This normally means that the entire course is undertaken off-campus with no requirement to attend workshops, lectures or tutorials (students still have the option to attend workshops, lectures or tutorials if available).

Distance Education or Home Based Education
This normally means you study a UWS course in your home country. Study is conducted by mail, email and/or the Internet with course materials supplied by these methods. Please note, even if you are studying in your home country, you must still meet the University’s English language requirements to study by this method .

UWS offers a number of courses in a variety of countries overseas which involve attendance at lectures and tutorials. For more information, please see Offshore Programs.

If you require further information about a particular course’s mode of study, please contact UWS International.

Complementary ProgramsTeaching and Learning at UWS International

For students who are interested in developing their skills and knowledge in specific subject areas, UWS offers the opportunity to study two Postgraduate programs consecutively.