Professor Michael Adams

Dean of Law

LLM Lond, BA(Hons) CNAA Contact details

Professor Michael Adams, Head of School, School of Law, UWS

Career Profile

Professor Michael Adams is an internationally recognised specialist in corporate law, governance, securities markets regulation, and legal education (especially e-learning). Michael has been writing, teaching and regularly presenting on all these topics for over 20 years. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators (FACE), as well as the Australian Academy of Law (FAAL), and is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, Australia (FCIS). Professor Adams is currently President of the Australasian Law Teachers Association and a former President of both the Corporate Law Teachers Association and Chartered Secretaries Australia. He is the co-author of ten books and chapters, 30 articles and over 130 conference/seminar presentations.  In 2000 he was the recipient of the Australian University Teacher of the year for Law and Legal Studies. 

Awards/ Recognition

  • Australian University Teacher of the Year for Law and Legal Studies (2000)
  • Corporate Law Teachers Association Award (2009)
  • Fellow of Australian Academy of Law (2007)
  • Fellowship of the Australian College of Educators (2007)
  • President's Award for Chartered Secretaries Australia (2005)
  • UTS Excellence in Team Teaching Award (2002)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (1998)
  • UTS Excellence in Teaching Award (1992)
  • Administrators (1998)


Learning and Teaching Interests

  • Corporate Law and Governance
  • Financial Services
  • Securities markets regulation

Research Interests

  • Corporate law and governance.
  • Securities markets regulation, in particular insider trading & market manipulation and financial services 
  • Law firms and professional services
  • Legal education and e-learning

Engagement Interests

  • Australasian Law Teachers Association (Chairperson/President) (2005-2009)
  • NSW Centre for Legal Education (Co-Director) (2004-present)
  • Mercy College, Chatswood (Board Member) (2005-2008)
  • National Pro Bono Resource Centre (Director) (2007-present)
  • Blake Dawson lawyers (Consultant) (2003-2007)


Selected Books: 

  • Australian Corporate Law, LexisNexis, 2008, (with Harris & Hargovan)
  • Essential Corporate Law, Cavendish, 2005
  • Essential Management Law, Cavendish, 2003
  • Business, Society & the Law, Thomson, 4th ed, five chapters
  • Australian Corporation Practice, LexisNexis, nine chapters

Selected Articles: 

  • Nehme, M, Hyland, M, & Adams, M; “Enforcement of continuous disclosure: The use of infringement notice and alternative sanctions”” (2007) volume 21 (December) Australian Journal of Corporate Law pages 1 – 22
  • Klettner, A, Clarke, T, & Adams, M; “Balancing act – tightrope of corporate governance reform” (2007) volume 59 (no 11 – December) Keeping Good Companies pages 648 - 653
  • Adams, M & Nehme M; “The active use of enforceable undertakings by ASIC – Part 2” (2007) volume 59 (no 6 – July) Keeping Good Companies pages 326 – 328
  • Adams, M & Nehme M; “The active use of enforceable undertakings by ASIC – Part 1” (2007) volume 59 (no 5 – June) Keeping Good Companies pages 260 – 262
  • Adams, M & Young, A; “Regulating corporate governors: rethinking board responsibilities and liabilities” (2007) volume 59 (no 1 – Feb) Keeping Good Companies pages 11 – 17
  • Adams, M, Young, A & Nehme, M; "Preliminary Review of Over Regulation in Australian Financial Services" (2006) volume 20(1) Australian Journal of Corporate Law pages 1 – 24
  • Adams, M; “Do we need dual regulators in financial services? Synergies in establishing a single regulator” (2006) volume 58 (no 3 – May) Keeping Good Companies pages 206 – 213
  • Adams, M; “Officers’ duties under the microscope” (2005) volume 57 (no 9 – October) Keeping Good Companies pages 516 – 519
  • Adams, M; “Whether to protect or punish: legal consequences of contravening the Corporations Act” (2004) vol 56 (no 10 – November) Keeping Good Companies pages 592 – 598
  • Adams, M & Hargovan, A; “Taking corporate governance seriously during fundraising: exposure to personal liability for cost orders” (2004) vol 22 (no 5 – August) Company & Securities Law Journal pages 336-340
  • Adams, M; “The three pillars of good corporate governance” (2004) vol 1 (no 1 – January) Risk Management pages 8 – 10
    Adams, M; “Are all directors created equal?” (2003) vol 55(4) May, Keeping Good Companies pp204-208
  • Adams, M; “Does increasing criminality make for better reform of the financial services industry?” (2002) vol 14(2) July Australian Journal of Corporate Law pp202-213
  • Adams, M; "Financial sector reform and professional advice", (2002) vol 16(3) Sept-Nov Commercial Law Quarterly pp20-26


  • Selected conference/seminars 2006-2009
  • "Balancing Governance: results of a three year study" (2008) 5 February, CLTA annual conference, UNSW, Sydney, NSW.
  • “Hypothetical: the future of boards” (2007) 4 December, CSA 24th annual conference, Melbourne, VIC.
  • "Governance Study Report and Financial Services", (2007) 30 October, 5th annual Financial Services Compliance conference, Sydney, NSW.
  • "The Australian market base and regulatory approach to governance" (2007) 26 October, ICSA International Council Meeting, Brisbane, QLD.
  • Adams, M & Gration, D; “Managing complex and challenging governance issues that arise…. when a stranger calls?” (2007) 19 July, CSA Governance Masterclass, Melbourne, VIC.
  • “Legal Education” (2007) 30 July, Meiji-UWS Law Symposium, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan.
  • “International Law Student Exchanges” (2007) 5 January, American Association of Law Schools Annual Conference, Marriott Hotel, Washington DC, USA.
  • Adams, M (facilitator); Yates, B, Conway, H, Mather, E & Blackshaw, J; “Hypothetical: Corporate disclosure goes wild” (2006) 21 November, 23rd National Conference – mastering the next wave of governance, Chartered Secretaries Australia, Marriott Hotel, Surfers Paradise, QLD.
  • “Insider trading, Chinese walls and global governance in contemporary Australia” (2006) 10 November, UNSW School of Business Law & Taxation Research Seminar, UNSW, Sydney, NSW.
  • “Corporate social responsibility – an escalating governance priority” (2006) 14 August, Annual Governance Masterclass – the black belt of governance, Chartered Secretaries Australia, Dockside Darling Harbour, Sydney NSW. 15 August repeated in Melbourne.
  • “Future directions and challenges of legal publishing” (2006) 6 July, ALTA conference – Legal knowledge: learning, communicating and doing, Victoria University, Melbourne VIC.
  • “Embedding a genuine culture of compliance and overcoming compliance fatigue” (2006) 19 May, Compliance in Financial Services conference, IIR, Avillion Hotel, Sydney NSW
  • “Corporate governance: international markets for regulators” (2006) 17 May, Indonesian Delegation to ASIC, FINSIA Symposium, Sydney, NSW.