Learning and Teaching Standards Project

The Teaching and Learning Standards Project (PDF, 159.88 KB) piloted a methodology for the use of inter-university peer review and moderation across disciplines. The aim was to contribute to the need for a learning standards framework (PDF, 289.78 KB) that enabled the higher education sector to develop self-regulated, robust approaches for assuring quality and standards, particularly in final year undergraduate subjects.

Eight university partners involved in the project used common final year subjects across eight disciplines. Subject convenors shared subject outlines and selected assessment artefacts for review by at least two other partner universities. The moderation process included inputs (e.g., subject outlines, assessment tasks, marking criteria) and outcomes (i.e., assessment samples). External blind peer review of both inputs and outcomes determined the consistency of subject-level standards and how these compared with comparable final year subjects in other universities.

A user guide (PDF, 177.04 KB) has been developed for inter-institutional peer review and moderation of final year subject and program achievement standards. Where relevant, capstone subjects have been used and program learning outcomes considered to identify approaches for assuring program achievement standards through inter-university moderation.



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