iPad Questions and Answers

Is there a deadline for iPad collection?

Yes. UWS students commencing in Spring session 2014 need to claim their iPad by Sunday 31 August 2014.

UWSCollege students should visit UWSCollege iPad or call 1300 445 059 for collection details.

Does the iPad belong to the student?

Yes, but there are some conditions – please see below.

If students defer their studies or change courses prior to the census date, do they have to return the iPad?

Yes. As this initiative is focused on learning and teaching, only students who continue beyond census date (UWS Census Dates webpage) will be able to keep their iPad. Students who withdraw their enrolment or otherwise do not continue their studies after the census date will be required to return their iPad to the security office on their campus.

Who is eligible to receive an iPad?

  • All domestic and international undergraduate students enrolling for the first time in their course and commencing their studies at UWS in the Autumn Session Spring Session or Summer Session in 2014.
  • All domestic and international University Foundation Studies and Diploma Program students enrolling in the first year of their course and commencing their studies at UWSCollege in Term 1, Term 2 or Term 3 in 2014.
  • All domestic and international postgraduate students enrolling in the first year of the Master of Teaching (Primary), Master of Teaching (Secondary) and Master of Teaching (Birth to 5 years/Birth to 12 years) at UWS in the Autumn Session, First Half Session, Spring Session or Second Half Session in 2014.
  • All domestic and international postgraduate students enrolling the first year of the Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) at UWS in the Autumn Session, First Half Session, Spring Session or Second Half Session in 2014 (excluding those students referred to in clause 2 below).

Who is not eligible to receive an iPad?

  • Continuing students
  • Students who have received an iPad as a result of this initiative in previous sessions
  • Postgraduate students (not listed above)
  • Bachelor Honours students
  • UniTrack students
  • Non-award students
  • Cross institutional students
  • Exchange or study abroad students
  • UWSCollege diploma graduates
  • UWSCollege Foundation Studies graduates
  • UWSCollege English Language Program students
  • UWSCollege Professional and Community Programs students
  • Students deferring their 2014 offer.

The 2015 UWS Blended Learning Strategy iPad Initiative Terms & Conditions will be available in December 2014.

Can I defer my 2014 offer and still receive an iPad in 2014?

No – students who defer their 2014 offer are not eligible to receive an iPad in 2014.

I deferred my 2013 offer – am I eligible?

If you deferred your 2013 offer and are commencing study this year, you are eligible to receive an iPad.

I am a new UWSCollege student; where can I get my iPad?

You will be advised by UWSCollege separately about how to collect your iPad. Please see the UWSCollege iPad website or call 1300 445 059 for more information.

Do I need to accept the iPad offer to enrol?

No, it is not compulsory to accept the iPad offer in order to enrol at UWS or UWSCollege.

Why aren't all postgraduate students not eligible?

The University is committed to supporting the learning of all our students but unfortunately it is not feasible to provide iPads for everyone at this stage. iPads are just one of many digital tools available to students. The value of laptops, desktop computers and other mobile devices such as smartphones will continue to be important. We hope that this implementation successfully supports students and academic staff in innovative teaching and learning that applies to all students and we look forward to expanding the program in future.

Note that all domestic and international postgraduate students enrolling in the first year of the Master of Teaching (Primary), Master of Teaching (Secondary) and Master of Teaching (Birth to 5 years/Birth to 12 years) at UWS in the Autumn Session, First Half Session, Spring Session or Second Half Session in 2014 are eligible to receive an iPad.

Why are only first year students eligible?

The iPad initiative is staged to coincide with a progressive roll out of the curriculum renewal program, which initially focuses on first year units. At the same time we are investing in wireless networks, improved computer labs, IT-enhanced learning spaces and other IT infrastructure that will lead to enhanced use of other mobile devices that students already use on campus, including smart phones. The iPads are just one of many IT tools that students will continue to need - laptops and desktop computers will still be an important part of UWS students' learning experiences.

Will the iPads be 3G capable?

No, the iPads are 16G Wi Fi iPad Airs with Retina Display. Students will be advised on how to connect their iPad to the UWS wireless network.

What model is the iPad?

It is a 16GB Apple iPad Air with Retina Display, in Space Grey finish.

I have no idea how to use an iPad; what support is UWS offering?

When you collect your iPad you will also receive a guide on how to use the device and how to connect to AirUWS, the University's wireless network. UWS iPad support and resources are available. Face-to-face support will be available at the start of session - information is available on the iPads at UWS page.

What apps should I download?

Once you have your iPad, you will able to download apps from the iTunes store. The first app you should download is Blackboard Mobile Learn, which will give you access to all of your vUWS sites. Other UWS-tested apps that you can choose to download that may assist you with your studies are listed on the

iPad Suggested Apps web page.

What about download costs?

Students are responsible for any data use and download costs they incur while using their iPad.UWS provides Wi-Fi for students while they are on campus.

What about students with disabilities?

The University and Apple are currently working together to ensure that the iPads meet accessibility standards. Where a student with a disability is prevented from using an iPad we will look at investigating solutions and providing support.

You say it is a part of the University's Blended Learning Strategy – what are the types of courses or programs that you will be offering in blended learning mode?

Each School has been working on a blueprint for integrating blended learning in every course at UWS. This blended learning model will make the most of interactive face-to-face learning, along with online learning opportunities that add flexibility and choice for students.

Why did the University choose to provide students with iPads and not another tablet device? What research did it conduct or what rationale is behind choosing this technology?

UWS students are already active users of technology from both home and university. Analytics show that UWS students access the University's E-Learning system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that over 80% of these logins are from an Apple device. Further, it was determined that range of educational apps and programs available on the Apple platform would be of great benefit to our students and staff. In a recent survey we asked our students how many of them own a tablet device or would like to. Only 5% of the sample owned a tablet device, but 45% of them said they would really like to have mobile tablet device.

You say it is about helping first-year students with their studies at UWS and enhancing their learning, but what types of applications or other UWS online initiatives will students be able to access?

Students will be able to use their iPad to engage with the growing number of online University services including online lectures, library services and a suite of apps and tools currently in development (including live lecture streaming) which aim to provide them with the best possible learning and university experience. The University is working with staff and students to embed technology in the curriculum in 2013 and beyond.

If this is just the beginning of the University's plans to offer more online and off campus delivery, how will this impact on academics and quality face-to-face teaching?

Universities globally are addressing the challenges of ensuring learning and teaching are more accessible and flexible. The iPad initiative is just part of a strategy at UWS to provide more flexible study options for students and a blended learning model for all UWS degrees. The use of emerging technologies will complement face-to-face teaching, which will of course remain core to teaching and learning at UWS. UWS will work with staff and students to embed technology in the curriculum and we will provide staff with professional development opportunities to ensure they are equipped to make the most of the iPad in their teaching.

When will I be able to start using my iPad?

Students who receive an iPad will be able to start using it as soon as they receive it.

What if the iPad breaks or is faulty?

The devices are covered by the standard Apple manufacturer warranty. The warranty is recorded against the serial number on your device (no proof of purchase is required to lodge a claim). Please visit the UWS iPad Warranty Support webpage and the

iPad Service Answer Centre (opens in a new window) webpage for more information. Any repairs or technical service would be performed by Apple, and is not the responsibility of UWS or UWS College.

Will I get a replacement if my iPad is lost or damaged?

No – only one iPad will be provided to each eligible student. Students are obliged to keep their iPad safe and in good condition, and to protect it from loss and damage.

I already have an iPad – can I receive something else instead?

No – the University is only providing eligible students and staff with an Apple iPad. You can choose whether or not to accept the iPad, but the University is not offering alternative items. The iPad cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash or other credit.

Are the iPads being funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee income?

No, the iPad initiative is being funded as part of a long-term investment in information technology, and is not being funded by income from the Student Services and Amenities Fee.

I have a question; who should I contact?

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please submit your query.

You can find more information about iPad eligibility and use on the iPad Terms and Conditions webpage. Please note, you will need to formally accept these terms and conditions in MyUWS before you can pick up your iPad.