Strategic Priorities

The University's Learning and Teaching Plan 2012-2014  sets out University-wide priorities in teaching and learning. It comprises three key objectives, along with implementation strategies, performance measures and indicators of success in the following areas:

Objective 1: Students - optimise student access, engagement, retention and success
Objective 2: Curriculum and Standards – implement a curriculum characterised by innovation, engagement and excellence
Objective 3: Quality - build staff capacity to engage in quality teaching

The University of Western Sydney takes account of significant developments in Australian higher education, including the need for institutional responsiveness in an increasingly competitive environment and the imperative to provide evidence of learning and teaching quality and standards in a new regulatory environment. The Plan affirms and extends our commitment to the dual priorities of widening student access to higher education, particularly in Greater Western Sydney, while simultaneously achieving excellence in all aspects of our academic program

Current Projects of the Office of the interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

For further information regarding these Projects, please contact Natalie McLaughlin.