Application Forms

The MBBS Registration form will be available from 31 July to 30 September, 2016.

Please note the following steps when completing the MBBS registration:

  1. Have your 2015 (7 digit) UMAT number
  2. Have your (9 digit) University Admissions Centre (UAC) number. (If you do not have your UAC number at the time of submitting the MBBS Registration (below) you must submit it by 30 September 2015) - you can do this by logging back into the MBBS registration, updating and re-submitting.
  3. Predicted ATAR:  Please note - it is not mandatory to submit this form - it can prove helpful but it is not essential in determining those who are eligible for an interview.  Only those completing Year 12 (or equivalent) in 2015 should submit a Predicted ATAR form. All other academic results will be obtained directly from UAC. 


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