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Hand holding soil and small plant

Soil bugs play greater role in climate change than first thought

A new study published in the international journal Nature reveals changing global temperatures could effect the activity of subterranean microbes, triggering soils to release more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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Penrith Observatory

UWS partnership with Penrith City Council to bring benefits for region

Penrith City Council has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with UWS to formalise its partnership with the University.

Benjamin Jones

Modern Australia’s defining moment came long after First Fleet

1788 was not our defining moment. Rather, some two centuries later, we let old Australia fade into history and took our first steps into the new.

UWS sign against blue sky

Entrepreneurs tackle ‘problems worth solving’ in Greater Western Sydney

Some of the most pressing issues facing people in Greater Western Sydney will be tackled by teams representing students, entrepreneurs and the start-up community, using PwC’s ‘Open Innovation’ model.

Whitlam Institute

Time to explore the Whitlam Institute during its first Open Day event

It's almost 40 years since the constitutional crisis of November 1975 which ended in the dismissal of Prime Minister Edward Gough Whitlam by the-then Governor-General Sir John Kerr.

Research success stories

Doctor with stethoscope

Study finds false perceptions of body weight put new mums in diabetes danger zone

An alarming number of new mums who develop increased blood sugar levels during pregnancy are placing themselves at heightened risk of long-term diabetes because of false perceptions of their own weight and health risk.

Male fruit fly

New research reveals clock ticking for fruit flies

Queensland fruit flies that inflict damage on the nation's horticultural industry may be about to see their numbers take a significant dive thanks to new research.

Expert opinion

Jo Orlando

Should children under 13 be allowed their own Google accounts?

Google may soon offer children under 13 a simple and safe way to access internet services including Gmail and YouTube, but how will this affect online safety?

Kevin Dunn

Shelving of race law changes reflects popular opinion

The Head of Australia’s largest study into racism has congratulated the Federal Government for dropping planned changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

Participate in research

Holding turtle hatchlings

Citizen scientists to help save Murray River turtles

Saving the turtles in the nation's biggest river, the Murray-Darling, requires a big effort, one that crosses the boundaries of universities and industry and scientists and citizens.

Immigration stamp in passport

Lost in translation: Study explores the experiences of children who translate for family members

For many new refugees and immigrants from non-English speaking backgrounds, one of the most difficult barriers they face on arrival in Australia is making themselves understood.

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