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Western Sydney University makes largest number of offers in its history 

A national focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is helping to boost the popularity of technology and business-oriented university courses this year, as Western Sydney University makes 12,183 offers to students in 2016 – the largest number of uni offers in NSW and the ACT, and the largest number of offers in the University's history.

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Deng Adut

Deng Adut to deliver 2016 Australia Day Address

Deng’s story of hope and the transformational power of education has touched hearts across the world, with more than two million views of his inspirational video since late last year.

Australian flags half mast

Research asks Australians for their opinion on six new flag designs

Australians are being asked to take part in research looking at attitudes to their flag and how they would feel if it was changed.

Eucalypt 4

Eucalypt research finds Australian toughness key to survival

Eucalypt trees have been described as the ideal Australians - versatile, tough, sardonic and self-mocking.

David Rowe

The game is changing, baby: Chris Gayle and sexism in cricket

As Chris Gayle has so amply demonstrated, there is still considerable resistance to the full integration of women into sport culture, and not least in the sports media.

Research success stories


Russian doping harks back to Cold War competitions

The release of the World Anti-Doping Agency report into drug use by athletes recalls the dark days of state-sanctioned doping in the German Democratic Republic.

Med grads

NHMRC research success puts health under microscope

The National Health and Medical Research Council has announced $5.3 million dollars in new funding for research in areas including dementia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Expert opinion

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Why labour is such a pain - and how to reduce it

Pain during labour and childbirth is a complex combination of physical and psychological factors.

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The technology in science fiction is not always what we want in the real world

Our expectations of technology are often based off our perception of science fiction.

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Calling participants for study on eating disorders

Western Sydney University researchers are seeking people with an eating disorder (ED) to help them develop an innovative mentoring support program.

University shield  at campus entrance

Lower back pain sufferers needed for clinical trial

The School of Science and Health is looking for people with regular low back pain to analyse how their distribution of body mass may be affecting their posture.