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Milad Milani

Intolerance and blasphemy in the modern world

The tradition of freedom of expression on religious matters is not quite so venerable as many seem to imagine in the outcry at the killing of Charlie Hebdo journalists and cartoonists in Paris.

Water bombing helicopter

The role of climate change in future bushfire risk

Fire ecologist Dr Matthias Boer, from the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment comments on the impact of climate change on future bushfire risk in Australia.

Paris policeman standing in traffic

Charlie Hebdo attack raises concerns about the security and fragility of egalitarian values, says expert

Historical sociologist and expert on Islam, Dr Milad Milani says Islam has historically respected the boundaries between ‘Church and State’; it is Islamist ideology that does not respect this boundary.

Rae Dufty Jones

Regional Australia can be a carrot or stick in new refugee policy

The Safe Haven Enterprise Visa seems to provide a shard of hope for those irregular immigrants seeking long-term asylum in Australia.

Jo Orlando

Should children under 13 be allowed their own Google accounts?

Google may soon offer children under 13 a simple and safe way to access internet services including Gmail and YouTube, but how will this affect online safety?

Kevin Dunn

Shelving of race law changes reflects popular opinion

The Head of Australia’s largest study into racism has congratulated the Federal Government for dropping planned changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

Steven Freeland new

Australia entering difficult legal terrain in Ukraine: expert

An international law expert says the legal challenges facing the Australian Federal Police mission to investigate the MH17 wreckage will become more complex if officers are caught in the crossfire.

Emergency service flashing lights

Fire highlights the need for better housing

A fire that led to the discovery of people living in shipping containers and caravans may be shocking, however a UWS expert says the overcrowded, illegal and exploitative accommodation conditions are not uncommon.

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