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Google’s Go victory shows AI thinking can be unpredictable, and that’s a concern

The 4-1 defeat of Go grandmaster Lee Se-Dol by Google’s AlphaGo artificial intelligence is the latest in a string of pursuits in which technology has triumphed over humanity.

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Trashing the brand: ANZ and CBA could pay a high price for choosing profit over people

The recent CBA and ANZ scandals show that the big banks fail to understand the long-term pay off from investing in their relationships with people over short-term profit.

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ASIC v ANZ rate-rigging case will be one of epic proportions

ASIC would not have commenced such significant litigation without weighing up all the available evidence it has gained through a number of domestic and international investigations.

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Cuts to WaterNSW’s science staff will put Sydney’s water quality at risk

The recent axing of five of the six senior scientists charged with protecting the health and safety of Sydney’s drinking water has understandably created concerns.

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Police drones: can we trust the eyes in the sky?

In Australia, unmanned aerial vehicles – or drones – are now being used by the police in most states as a tool to help fight crime or to assist in rescue missions.

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Why labour is such a pain - and how to reduce it

Pain during labour and childbirth is a complex combination of physical and psychological factors.

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The technology in science fiction is not always what we want in the real world

Our expectations of technology are often based off our perception of science fiction.

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Tom Roberts anyone? A national survey finds the line in art appreciation

The National Gallery of Australia has opened its Tom Roberts exhibition, but who actually knows about him?

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