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Loyalty in sport: who to support if your team is not in the weekend's footy finals

Commentators are prone to describe every weekend as a huge one for sport, but this weekend qualifies as large, even by the inflated standards of the sports hyperbole peddlers.

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Was the UN Special Rapporteur right to cancel his visit?

The UN's Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants cancelled his visit to Australia because he said the Border Force Act would discourage detention centre workers from disclosing information. The Government disagrees. So who is right?

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Playing the woman: Healy and Kyrgios expose sport’s sexism problem

For every positive story about women and sport there are ugly reminders of just how heavily the odds are stacked against them, writes Professor David Rowe.

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English football holds lessons for cricket, as elites hijack the game

Sport capitalism is no different from any other form in its tendency towards monopoly. But competitive uncertainty is a key selling point.

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Compulsory science and maths is great but there's more to be done

Federal Education and Training Minister Christopher Pyne today met with his state counterparts to confirm his proposal to make science and maths compulsory for year 11 and 12 students.

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We’re all The Walking Dead – we just don’t know it yet

A show like The Walking Dead helps us think through the challenges we face as a species, and reflect on the critical importance of how to make new economies possible.

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You don't have to be barking mad to think trees are like us

It looks to us like trees have no eyes, ears, heart, voice, nerves, lungs, intestines, blood or brain. But that's not entirely true. Trees are more like us than we might think... just not in ways you may expect.

David Rowe

Media changes reduce opinion in age of choice: expert

In the face of increased competition from new media companies, there may be changes to current ownership restrictions to allow mergers between established television broadcasters, radio stations and newspapers.

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