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You don't have to be barking mad to think trees are like us

It looks to us like trees have no eyes, ears, heart, voice, nerves, lungs, intestines, blood or brain. But that's not entirely true. Trees are more like us than we might think... just not in ways you may expect.

David Rowe

Media changes reduce opinion in age of choice: expert

In the face of increased competition from new media companies, there may be changes to current ownership restrictions to allow mergers between established television broadcasters, radio stations and newspapers.

Golden eggs

Superannuation missing from Intergenerational Report narrative

Superannuation will be a major policy area for the government in the near future and it is a shame the 2015 Intergenerational Report provides very little guidance on preparing for that future.

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The economic reform path Greece must now follow

The world may have heaved a sigh of relief over Greece’s last minute debt deal, but in Greece the conditional four-month extension is widely viewed as a major retraction for the new government.

Dallas Rogers

Foreign real estate changes a decoy; expert

The move to introduce new fees and greater scrutiny of foreign real-estate investors is a decoy drawing attention away from Australia’s unfettered commitment to offshore investment.

Bill Bellotti

Angst over berries makes case for ‘good, clean, fair’ food

For consumers worried about where their food comes from, part of the long-term solution lies in more food consumers becoming food literate and empowered to exercise their influence.

David Rowe

Australia’s summer of sporting events – has it been worth it?

Football’s Asian Cup and cricket’s World Cup have brought representative teams of 27 sporting nations to these shores, but are they worth the effort, cost and risk?

Dr  David Burchell

Political instability in Australia mirrors Europe; expert

The recurring instability of political leadership in Australia has raised the spectre the country may be heading down the same path as Europe, according to a political historian from the University of Western Sydney.

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