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Wombat 2

Citizen scientists needed to help save sick wombats

As wombats fight for survival against a deadly skin disease that kills in months, scientists are asking Australians to help take a census of wombats using an innovative new app.

Wind farm

US Consul General to discuss ‘clean tech revolution’ at Whitlam Institute

In the lead up to the critical United Nations Paris Climate Summit, United States Consul General Hugo Llorens will visit UWS to discuss America's Clean Power Plan.

China Australia Literary Forum logo

Writers gather for China Australia Literary Forum

The Forum provides a rare and exciting opportunity for authors from the two countries to meet, exchange ideas and experiences and to develop a deeper understanding of our respective literary worlds.

Open Day artwork

Steve Waugh, Waleed Aly and Jessica Watson announced for Open Day

An all-star line up of inspirational Australians will take centre stage at a new and reimagined Open Day on Sunday 30 August.

Mark Ant

Study unlocks secrets to learning new languages

A study has found young adults who are immersed in a new language not only learn faster and more accurately, they are better at understanding accents and piecing together multiple conversations.

The Conversation logo

Radical, young, Muslim: the Arab-Australian novel in the 21st century

As The Tribes’ huge cast of characters wanders in and out of its pages, we come to realise the intimacy and richness of such extended communities and think afresh about what it means to live a rich and fulsome life.

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