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David Rowe Page

Should Russia host the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

Calls to remove or boycott Russia as host of the 2018 FIFA World Cup are gathering force, but multilateral sporting boycotts are rare, and the dismissal of a chosen host even rarer.

David Wood

Thinking Out Loud seminar series tackles climate change

In the upcoming Thinking Out Loud - Sydney Lectures, Professor David Wood argues we need to devise supplementary economies, and alternatives to unsustainable profit-taking to tackle climate change.

Pathways to Dreaming students

UWS provides pathways to success for Indigenous students

UWS Pathways to Dreaming program participants are among the large number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to commence study at UWS in 2015.

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PMS ice-cream doesn’t have to be some kind of period drama

Is the packaging for a range of “ice-cream that understands PMS” created by a 21-year-old American graphic designer funny, offensive, or something else entirely?

Indigenous teachers 2

New UWS Indigenous graduates celebrate milestone

A new generation of primary education teachers will join the classrooms this year after graduating from the University of Western Sydney.

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Space treaties are a challenge to launching small satellites in orbit

Thanks to advancements in microelectronics and miniaturisation, tiny satellites called nanosats or cubesats – some the size of a 10cm cube – are being built at far less expense and launched by university researchers and start-up companies.

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