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Barbed wire

Four Corners: why did two previous investigations fail to prevent this abuse?

These shocking pictures shown on Four Corners of children being abused at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre should not have surprised anyone with an interest in the welfare of incarcerated children.

Whitlam 3

Leadership starts with the ability to articulate a vision, but what happens next?

Bombarded with repetitious and empty slogans it’s no wonder that many people simply switch off, or turn to other political candidates whose ability to ‘cut through’ is divorced from a cohesive and productive policy platform.

Whitlam logo

Kids to adults: Get off your phones and see what really matters

The "What Matters?" Competition, run by the Whitlam Institute, asks children to put their thoughts into words and write about what matters to them.

Powerhouse Parramatta 2

Vice-Chancellor Professor Barney Glover to lead MAAS Trust

Vice-Chancellor of Western Sydney University, Professor Barney Glover, has been appointed President of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Trust.

Music 2

How a little mathematics can help create some beautiful music

Since the time of Pythagoras around 500 BCE, music and mathematics have had an intimate and mutually supportive relationship.

Westmead 1

Westmead health precinct to power new knowledge jobs

Westmead will become Western Sydney’s economic powerhouse with a cluster of up to 50,000 knowledge jobs in the next two decades, according to a report commissioned by the Westmead Alliance.

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