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Design students showcase their skills

Organised and curated by the students, the exhibition will comprise a designated art space to showcase their major projects, Honours works and professional engagements.

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Rethinking Multicultural Education Conference

Teachers, policy makers and academics are gathering at UWS to discuss the state of multicultural education in NSW public schools.

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Sydney Seminar: Being Creative and Resisting Islamophobia

Against the backdrop of the moral panic about Islam in Australia, a special Sydney Seminar for Culture and Society will discuss how young Muslims in Australia are resisting cultural stereotypes in novel ways.

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Human-Robot interaction study recruiting participants

As part of their research into human robot interactions, researchers are looking for participants to play with the LEGO Mindstorms robot.

Incredible expedition across the Pacific comes to UWS

Sailors from across the Pacific will discuss their journey and mission to unite the region to take action on climate change at a special UWS event.

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China connection to build bridge to better health in Australia

A new research-led Chinese medicine clinic in Sydney, better patient outcomes and the potential for Australia to tap into the $170 billion global traditional Chinese medicine market are among the benefits set to flow from an agreement signed by UWS and Beijing Univeristy of Chinese Medicine.

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