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LEGO mindstorms robot

Human-Robot interaction study recruiting participants

As part of their research into human robot interactions, researchers are looking for participants to play with the LEGO Mindstorms robot.

Single turtle hatchlings underwater

Australians urged to be on the lookout during Turtle Month

Australians are being urged to be on the lookout for turtles during November to help researchers better understand how to protect these native creatures.

Burnt trees after a bushfire

Researchers investigate the impacts of bushfires on the Blue Mountains LGBTI community

A study into how lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) residents in the Blue Mountains have been impacted by bushfires is now calling for participants.

Holding turtle hatchlings

Citizen scientists to help save Murray River turtles

Saving the turtles in the nation's biggest river, the Murray-Darling, requires a big effort, one that crosses the boundaries of universities and industry and scientists and citizens.

Immigration stamp in passport

Lost in translation: Study explores the experiences of children who translate for family members

For many new refugees and immigrants from non-English speaking backgrounds, one of the most difficult barriers they face on arrival in Australia is making themselves understood.

X-ray of a knee

We 'kneed' you! Research explores how brain controls muscles

Physiotherapists are seeking people between the ages of 50 and 65 who do not have knee pain to map the area of the brain that controls the thigh muscles.

Turtle hatchling underwater

New app helps track turtles

Smart phones could soon be a turtle’s best friend with a new app for Australians to report turtle sightings launched on World Turtle Day.

Study tracks pain and stress of motor vehicle accidents

A new study is recruiting participants for a new study to help people involved in car crashes overcome pain and psychological distress and get back on their feet.

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