Commercial Development

The Commercial Development team resides within the Office of Commercial and Estate Development and is focused on providing services in two key areas: Commercial Development and Consulting and Engagement.

Commercial Development involves promoting commercial opportunities into sustainable and profitable commercial ventures that support the core activities of UWS – teaching and research – with alternative sources of funding.

Consulting and Engagement activities require working closely with UWS academics to support consulting and tender initiatives identified within the Schools, Research Centres and Institutes. Working directly with UWS academics, the unit engages with external private and government organisations on business opportunities that leverage the university’s strengths. The consulting team works collaboratively with other key University stakeholders, including UWS Innovation and Office of Research Services, to provide commercial support.

Consulting and Engagement

The Consulting team facilitates UWS commercial engagement and adds value to external activities by provision or management of the following:

  • Commercial advice and guidance  
  • Project costing and pricing issues
  • Contract negotiation
  • Resolving issues arising from the commercial contract up to final project delivery
  • Invoicing and revenue dispersal to UWS Schools and academics
  • Assistance with preparation of tender submissions
  • Assessment of commercial risk and preliminary identification of IP issues
  • Ensuring appropriate UWS approvals and delegations for tender or consulting projects (ie oversight of UWS Commercial Delegations, External Work Policy, Commercial Activity and Competitive Neutrality guidelines)

The type of commercial service provided varies from written reports, expert witness statements and delivery of customised short training courses for industry to laboratory work, product testing and mathematical/computing modelling.

Our clients are often state and federal government entities, but have also included insurance and industrial companies, law and accounting firms, banks, major retailers and industry associations.

Some specific examples of project work completed include:

  • Men’s health, Indigenous and Torres Straits Islander health and social issues around the ageing population
  • Development of a greenfields model for a primary health care centre in Greater Western Sydney
  • Specialist advisory services in the medical and eHealth domain
  • Scientific and laboratory verification
  • Expert opinion on structural and engineering problems
  • Statistical interpretation of data from surveys or databases
  • Sustainability assessment and training

We also ensure a clear delineation between what is primarily contract research versus consulting opportunities, as often a consulting project will contain a research component and vice versa. In this regard, we liaise with the Office of Research Services and also the Innovation unit on specific IP related issues.

For further information, visit the Office of Research Services and UWS Innovation.

Commercial Development

Commercial Development identifies opportunities to leverage UWS’s assets and implements such initiatives to generate additional funding to support the University’s core teaching & research activities. This involves adding value to land and other assets through the development of innovative and commercially attractive solutions directly as well as with the engagement of specialist service providers. One of the most important aspects of commercial development is the focus on creating strong broad based synergies between the University’s core teaching and research activities and the Commercial operation.


In the first instance, for general advice or assistance please refer to contact details below:

  • Commercial Development opportunities: Jithendra Dissanayake on 4570 1854
  • Consulting and Engagement opportunities: Chris Lewis on 4570 1874