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Sunday 30 August 2015, 10am - 2pm, UWS parramatta south campus.

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Kickstart your future on August 30 at Parramatta.

Do you hear tomorrow calling you? Yes, you.

It wants you to come to the University of Western Sydney’s Annual Open Day on Sunday, August 30.

Want to know why you should give up your Sunday to join us at Open Day?

Very simple. You are a success story in the making. And we believe that your future success starts here, with us, at UWS.

Please, don’t just take our word for it. We think it’s important that you come see your future for yourself. (After all, it’s only your entire future.)

We promise this won’t be just another university open day.

Because The UWS Open Day will be an eye opener, we think you’ll be in for some unexpected and delightful surprises.

And by the time you’ve invested a few precious hours investigating your options at UWS Open Day, we think you won’t want to leave.

In fact, we’re hoping that you’ll want to come back and invest even more time with us, as a member of our student body.

If you believe your future success is fuelled by knowledge, a strong will and ambition - if you have the drive and determination to succeed - keep reading.

What we offer at UWS is something unique - a world of unlimited potential - no matter who you are or where you are from.

We’ve even got the numbers to back it up.

How about this nugget?

UWS is currently ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

We bet you didn’t know the centre of the world was in the heart of the West.

Are you intrigued enough to take the next step?

We hope you will join us at Open Day, where all will be revealed.

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August 30 2015, comes but once in a lifetime.

Quite possibly, it’s the most important day that you will spend with your son or daughter.

August 30 is Open Day, the annual event when visitors are welcomed to the University of Western Sydney to investigate course options and make decisions about tertiary study.

No matter what your young adult chooses, our job at UWS is to support them in achieving their goals to realise their full potential.

We want you to come to Open Day.

To be their supporter, to be their coach, to boost their confidence and to remind them that the future is theirs and that anything is possible, if you work hard enough and smart enough.

Is there anything else we can help with, do you need more info, just want to chat?

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