Induction and Orientation at UWS

Welcome to UWS

We would like to welcome you warmly to the University of Western Sydney and congratulate you on your successful appointment. 

In your first weeks and months of employment it is important to get to know your new environment and culture as well as your new role.  Induction and orientation at UWS provides information and resources to ensure a smooth transition to UWS.

We have developed information and resources to help you relocate and assist you to quickly become familiar with the large amount of information you need in your new role.

  • Induction Plan & Checklist (opens in a new window) (PDF, 142Kb) helps you and your supervisor organise your move into your new role.
  • UWS Orientation provides an overview of UWS, its mission and values, governance and organisational structure and key policies.
  • Starting @ UWS (opens in a new window) (PDF, 2Mb)

Emergency Phone Number

Please take note of the Emergency phone number for all campuses – extension 2300 – keep it next to your phone.

How does induction and orientation work at UWS?

Your supervisor will provide you with your on-job induction and orientation and will work with you and your new colleagues to make the first days and weeks a positive learning experience.

The Induction Plan & Checklist (opens in a new window) (PDF, 142Kb) is provided on this site to help you cover some key areas.

You will be asked to attend a welcome and orientation session on Werrington North campus, in Frogmore House. This session will provide you with a broad range of information about the University and working at UWS.

Casual staff should talk with their supervisor about participating in all of the usual aspects of induction and orientation.  If the assignment is very short it may be that a brief, local induction is sufficient.

Who do I speak to about a pay enquiry?

Permanent staff members should refer to their new contract in the first instance. If you need further assistance, contact HR Staffing Services

Casual staff members should contact the Casual Pay Officers in Payroll Services for further information.

Visit the Pay and Benefits page to learn how pay is handled at UWS - including payroll cycle deadline dates.

Facilities, equipment, computer access etc

Your supervisor will arrange for your work space or office, computer equipment, stationery, etc. and will authorise and arrange computer access for you. More information about this is available on the IT website.

Your supervisor will also arrange for you to meet colleagues and key people in and related to your work unit. 

Professional development - what training is available?

Some courses such as Workplace Health and Safety are compulsory for staff members.  Others are part of UWS’s extensive opportunities for Learning and Development. Contact the Office of Organisational Development for full information and registration.

How does UWS manage equity and fairness issues?

The University of Western Sydney aims to be socially just and comprises a community which is diverse and skilled, reflective of the Greater Western Sydney regional population.

The Equity and Diversity Unit is a consultation and advisory unit to UWS on social justice matters. Full details are available from the Equity and Diversity Unit website.