Virtual UWS (vUWS) is the blended learning environment at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). UWS uses vUWS to provide learning environments which facilitate collaborative learning and enable greater flexibility to learning materials.

Each vUWS site is a secure web area linked from the vUWS portal. To access any of the sites available from the UWS vUWS portal you must first be a member of the site. At UWS there are over 2000 individual vUWS sites. Students enrolled in a unit or courses are automatically added as members of all the sites relevant to them via a linkage between vUWS and Callista. The instructor of each site is able to grant other staff members varying levels of access to the sites they manage. Each site is purpose built by one or more instructors by adding the required content and tools.

Just about any type of digital content can be added to a site to enhance the learning process such as HTML web pages, PDF or MS word documents, spreadsheets, databases, images, video or sound files. Tools such as discussion boards, chat rooms, virtual classroom and quizzes can also be easily added.

Each site is available for a set period of time dependent on the type of site that it is. The instructor of a site can request a copy of their previous semester’s site. Using the new date rollover tool, content that was selectively released by date can have the release date easily updated for the new semester.

If you need support using vUWS, contact the Blended Learning Platforms Team through the ServiceNow portal or the IT Service Desk on (02) 9852 5111. 


vUWS FLASH comprises a series of short videos which highlight features or tools within vUWS and provides some tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of these features.

Subscribe to vUWS FLASH (opens in a new window) and other Blended Learning videos at UWSOnline (opens in a new window) Also available on iTunes U (opens in a new window).

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