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The University of Western Sydney (UWS) encourages community organisations and industry to partner with us to undertake collaborative problem solving. We currently have more than 350 partnering organisations.

Overall, 80 per cent of UWS research is directed towards economic and social needs. A notable proportion of this research involves collaboration with organisations in the Greater Western Sydney region.

The Office of Research Services has research grant specialists who will respond to inquiries and foster new research partnerships by linking external clients with researcher expertise.

All UWS research concentrations focus strongly on research questions arising from the region, and much of that research also has global relevance as the characteristics of our region and its challenges align closely with key global concerns.

UWS research degrees are designed to enable students to focus on contemporary social issues and scientific problems. Each year the University and industry partners jointly compete for Australian government funding to support high-quality research higher degree candidates to carry out projects with industry linkages. These scholarships are won by the University and partner for a project in an area of common research interest.

Become a partner in research with UWS

The University of Western Sydney partnership projects solve problems collaboratively. By developing strong links with government, industry and community sectors we have established a wide range of research partnerships within the region, nationally and internationally.

Researchers at UWS are renowned for the expertise and enthusiasm they bring to the research effort and we would invite you to consider a collaboration.

There are three main avenues for becoming a partner in research with UWS:

1. Joint Development of a Research Program or Project (Sponsored research)

The prestigious and highly competitive ARC Linkage Program is an example of sponsored, collaborative research funded jointly by the Commonwealth Government and industry/sector partners. The University also contributes its resources to support each project.

The essential characteristic of such research activity is that it is jointly developed from the ground up by the University and sector collaborators. Like all research, it is not possible to predict whether a given objective can be achieved.

UWS supports the development of proposals to the ARC via its Partnership Program under Internal Research Grants. This scheme funds pilot projects or initial stages of the research.

UWS invites industry, business, community and cultural organisations to bring ideas forward with a view to finding a research partner within the University.

2. Contract Research

Contract research is similarly collaborative to a joint program and often develops following a request from an external agency for a research project to be undertaken. Contractual arrangements are developed to suit the particular research scenario. Within a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), for example, projects developed would then be catered for by specific Agreements.

Contract research often involves commercial outcomes and, therefore, the intellectual property arising from the research is negotiated on the basis of the contributions of the parties and the background intellectual property brought to the project by each partner.

The partner may be granted an option to commercially exploit the intellectual property arising from the project.

3. Research Training Opportunities

Research students are an integral component of the national innovation system. They challenge ideas and discover new ways of doing and understanding.

The prestigious ARC Linkage Program (opens in a new window) provides three-year scholarships for doctoral or two-year scholarships for Masters (Honours) students to carry out research funded jointly by the Commonwealth Government and industry/sector partners and supervised by UWS researchers.

Talk to UWS about how for a small investment your business might benefit from developing a collaborative research proposal to be carried out by a research student.

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The University of Western Sydney has staff expertise in research and teaching in a range of discipline areas including science and technology, law and business, education, social sciences and health sciences. To share our expertise and extensive resources, academics and specialists are available for consultancy services to external organisations including industry, government agencies and educational institutions.

Consultancy engagements can include anything from training and education to contract research, expert opinion, analysis and testing services, and product and process development. Projects vary from as short as a couple of days to as long as a couple of years. Depending on your needs we can put you in touch with an individual specialist or form a specialist project team.

Synergy between UWS research staff and external organisations is also achieved through joint commercialisation projects for new technologies and research innovations. These projects frequently lead to the establishment of commercial ventures, collaborative partnerships and spin-off companies.

For information on consultancy services, assistance in finding a specialist to meet your particular needs or for information on current commercialisation opportunities contact:

  • Chris Lewis, Consulting & Engagement Officer (02) 4570 1874

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