Research at Western

Western Sydney University is a research institution driven by impact.

We believe that excellent research and practical outcomes are essential parts of our overarching research mission. Our research has real impact upon the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of our regional, national and international communities.

The University invites outstanding graduate researchers, innovative new generation researchers and established researchers to consider joining or collaborating with us.

Professor Scott Holmes
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research and Development)

Our Stories


Perinatal Dental Hygiene

Neglecting oral health in pregnancy has important health consequences. Dr Ajesh George's research is changing practice and improving outcomes

Gender in Health

Gender in Health

Groundbreaking research by Professor Jane Ussher and Professor Janette Perz is leading to the first services targeted at gay and migrant patients


Housing Affordability

With housing affordability increasingly out of the reach of many, Dr Louise Crabtree's research will see the beginning of a new option for moderate income earners in Australia

Income Protection

Income Protection Scheme

Dr Shelley Bielefeld's research has helped uncover and draw awareness to the inequities inherent in the current income management policy, attracting the attention of policy-makers