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Research Professional (opens in a new window) is a searchable online database providing summaries of all of the latest funding opportunities worldwide. It is a platform that provides extensive coverage for sponsors and awards within Australia, UK, Europe, Asia and USA and currently contains over 7,000 open calls for funding. The database allows for customisable searches and email alerts to satisfy your individual research discipline requirements and may be used to source funding for travel bursaries, access to facilities and equipment, pre- and post-graduate opportunities, early and mid-career opportunities, awards, grants and prizes just to name a few!

The UWS subscription allows access to the Research Professional (opens in a new window) service from any UWS networked computer, and upon registering your university email address you may then access the service off-campus at any time.

Queries relating to Research Professional may be directed to Amanda Elliott on

In addition to using Research Professional (opens in a new window), please see External Research Grants and UWS Internal Research Grants.