Australian Health Informatics Summer School (AHISS)

Health Informatics (eHealth) is spreading in the Health sector, bringing many changes for the workforce.

  • Clinical Professionals such as doctors and nurses need to acquire familiarity with fundamentals of Health Informatics to work effectively and efficiently in contemporary healthcare environments
  • Healthcare administrators and support personnel, from clerical and managerial roles through to executives and policy makers, also need to gain awareness of Health Informatics concepts
  • Computing and information systems specialists must increase their knowledge of technical aspects of Health Informatics, to gain the ability to contribute to the development of new solutions and systems
  • Researchers and postgraduate students in Health, Business, Computing and Science must understand specific topics in Health Informatics in order to use electronic health data methods in their studies

Australian Health Informatics Summer School (AHISS) 

The Australian Health Informatics Summer School (AHISS) in Sydney consists of a series of short courses to address these needs. Each short course will be run as a full day intensive mode classroom or workshop style session delivered by a team of invited national experts and UWS Health Informatics staff. Each short course will be limited in attendance to a maximum of 30 participants, to ensure an adequate level of personal interaction with the presenter is achievable. Notes from presentations and certificates of attendance will be provided. The short courses are not intended to be eligible for academic credit in university degree courses.

Each daily course topic in the Australian Health Informatics Summer School (AHISS) will be delivered in two parts: the morning sessions will be at introductory level (where little prior knowledge of the topic is expected), followed by afternoon sessions at more advanced level (for which the introductory level content will be adequate background).

AHISS Sample Program:

  • Monday Health Informatics Scope: Basic Concepts and Principles
  • Tuesday Recording Health Data: Structure and Representation
  • Wednesday Using Health Information: Clinical Information Systems
  • Thursday Improving Clinical Processes: Systems and Services
  • Friday New Models of Care: Integrated Information Systems 

Express Interest in Attending:

If you wish to register interest and receive further details closer to the event, please send your expression of interest and any enquiries to the Australian Health Information Summer School (AHISS) team by email at