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Journal Articles

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  • Randall, D., Jorm, L., Lujic, S., O'Loughlin, A., Eades, S. and Leyland, A. (2013), 'Disparities in revascularization rates after acute myocardial infarction between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Australia', Circulation, vol 127, no 7 , pp 811 - 819.
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  • Randall, D., Morrell, S., Taylor, R. and Hung, W. (2009), 'Annual or biennial mammography screening for women at a higher risk with a family history of breast cancer: Prognostic indicators of screen-detected cancers in New South Wales, Australia', Cancer Causes and Control, vol 20, no 5 , pp 559 - 566.
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  • Rangan, A., Randall, D., Hector, D., Gill, T. and Webb, K. (2008), 'Consumption of 'extra' foods by Australian children : types, quantities and contribution to energy and nutrient intakes', European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol 62, no 3 , pp 356 - 364.
  • Rangan, A., Hector, D., Randall, D., Gill, T. and Webb, K. (2007), 'Monitoring consumption of 'extra' foods in the Australian diet: Comparing two sets of criteria for classifying foods as 'extras'', Nutrition and Dietetics, vol 64, no 4 , pp 261 - 267.


Previous Projects

Title: Potentially avoidable deaths after 30 days admission to hospital
Years: 2010-05-01 - 2011-12-31
ID: P00017675
UWS Researchers: Louisa Jorm, Sanja Lujic and Deborah Randall
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