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The Writing & Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney warmly invites you to 
Lesley Chamberlain on 'Who's Talking? Autobiography, Subjectivity and Other Hurdles'

Friday 15 May
11.00am -12.30pm
Building 3.G.55, Bankstown Campus, UWS
Most fiction contains an autobiographical element, and approaching character through a subjective narrative is a common choice. Is that choice particular to the age we live in? What are the tensions between autobiography and subjectivity? Does writing in the third person really differ from the first person? Lesley Chamberlain's fifteen books have moulded her personal experience of Europe, and particularly of Russia, and their writers and thinkers, in radically different ways. She'll be talking about her earlier books In the Communist Mirror and Nietzsche in Turin, and comparing them with her novels Girl in a Garden (2003) and Anyone's Game (2012).

Lesley Chamberlain's writing has covered an unusual range over a lifetime's career. From seven years as a student of Russian and German literature and thought she moved on to journalism, as a reporter in Moscow for Reuters News Agency. Finding her feet as an independent writer she first published, in the grand Elizabeth David style, The Food and Cooking of Russia, with Penguin, before finding her way back to fiction, and to the history of ideas, via travel, popular history and short stories. Her two novels, influenced by European traditions, and by her experience of other languages and her love of other places, have found a sympathetic readership and will soon be followed by a third. Journalism has helped to keep her alive.

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